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Casper Westerinen is responsible for the smooth everyday life of the residents of the Lumo One skyscraper in Kalasatama, Helsinki.


The property manager already has his hands full, even though the building is still under construction. The most attractive skyscraper in Helsinki, Lumo One is currently growing taller and taller at a tremendous pace as part of the complex which will also house shopping centre Redi in Kalasatama. Casper Westerinen is closely monitoring its completion.

"It's exciting being involved in this exceptional construction project. Lumo One is a very unique property in Finland after all,", says Westerinen.

Westerinen ended up working for Lumo homes through a summer job in 2018. However, enthusiasm for the industry arose earlier when he gained experience as a real estate agent. Westerinen enjoys how, as a property manager, he can be involved in creating the best living experience overall.

Property manager Casper Westerinen is already looking forward to residents moving into Lumo One. He hopes that the unique raised yard space will be in active use.

Builder of communities and human connections

Over the course of the day, the property manager receives a huge number of requests about various types of issues. Westerinen ensures, among other things, that the MEP systems are functioning, that the routes in and around the building are accessible and that seasonal work, such as sanding, has been carried out with care.

“The most important task of the property manager is to make sure that the residents are happy and the property is safe.”

The best way to reach Westerinen is through the My Lumo service. Residents can also use the service to order minor repairs, such as repair of the kitchen sink, directly from the service staff. They can contact the building’s designated Lumo team, one of which will be set up for the Lumo One building as soon as possible. Cherishing a sense of community has been made a top priority in the building. It will be achieved in cooperation with the residents.

"We encourage residents to be active and hope that the neighbors will get to know each other," Westerinen says.

Westerinen hopes that the common raised yard space of the tower buildings in Kalasatama will become a place where residents can meet and organize things together. The unique lush yard area is five storeys above ground level.

During the construction phase, Westerinen and other Lumo housing professionals are planning the types of services Lumo One can offer to its residents upon completion. The advanced technology of the building offers almost unlimited possibilities for developing the shared use of the saunas, carpooling and many other services.

Lumo One – the tallest rental apartment building in Finland

Published 2.3.2022

Text Helen Partti

Images Lumo

The Lumo One skyscraper offers modern, effortless and sustainable rental housing in Kalasatama, Helsinki.

Lumo One property manager Casper Westerinen makes sure that the house's residents' lives are running smoothly. In his freetime you can find Westerinen at a CrossFit gym or riding a bicycle.
  • the building will be completed in two parts in the summer of 2022 as part of the complex also housing shopping centre Redi
  • 120 m tall building with 31 floors
  • 291 modern and unique Lumo homes
  • floor-to-ceiling windows let the daylight in (or can be adjusted with blinds to offer more shade when needed)
  • in clear weather, the visibility is up to 41 km
  • apartments feature a heated green corner for plants
  • water-based underfloor heating and cooling adds to the comfort of living
  • excellent public transportation
  • great opportunities for outdoor and cultural activities
  • best housing services

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Multi-purpose communal spaces

The speciality of the Lumo One skyscraper is the communal space on the 29th floor. Spanning 200 m2, the communal space is intended for all residents. In the communal space, you can work remotely, read a book, admire the scenery or get together with your neighbours for some coffee. Part of the communal space can also be booked for parties. The 29th floor also features elegant sauna facilities that can be booked separately.

Multi-purpose communal spaces

Best housing services

Services in the Lumo One skyscraper guarantee a first-class resident experience. The building’s spectacular communal spaces and convenient housing services can be easily accessed via the My Lumo service.

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Homes in the skyscraper can already be rented in the Lumo webstore.

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