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Digital Lumo serves both current residents and people looking for a new home, effortlessly and 24/7.

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Rent your home online

Lumo webstore is undoubtedly the easiest way of finding a home. No need to run from one showing to another, endure unnecessary waiting periods or even pay a deposit. Simply sit down with your laptop or phone when you have the time, and in 15 minutes, you may already have found your home.

Switch easily from one Lumo home to another

Lumo wants to make it as easy as possible to move from one Lumo home to another – from finding a new home to getting settled in. Check out these tips and links if you are planning a move!

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Brand new Lumo homes now available – explore and rent your own!

Are you dreaming of something new? In our webstore you can find shiny new dream homes with great transport links and the best services nearby.

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