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The communal space of the Lumo One skyscraper is the residents' own urban oasis

The skyscraper's lounge-style communal space invites residents to spend time with their neighbours, work remotely and admire the scenery.


The Lumo One skyscraper, which will be completed in summer 2022, offers high-quality, effortless and responsible living in the Kalasatama district in Helsinki. The area is a part of the centre of communal urban culture that has arisen in the eastern downtown area.

The real gem of the Lumo One skyscraper is the multi-purpose residential space on the 29th floor, an urban oasis which has its essence centred on a floor-to-ceiling view of the parks of Helsinki and the foaming sea. In clear weather, the view stretches as far as 41 kilometres.

The residents of the Lumo One building are free to use the open communal space of about 200 square metres. You can go there and enjoy the view. You can work remotely and socialise there, play games, read a book and have fun with your neighbours.

The space is suitable for socialising or working remotely, for instance. Conceptual drawing, changes are possible.

Decorated with natural tones, the modern orangery-style urban oasis continues onto a terrace with natural, lush vegetation. The terrace is a garden-like, meadowy outdoor space that brings nature to a city home. You can spend quality time on sun loungers, at the sitting areas, and around dining tables.

Stylish sauna facilities

You can relax with family or friends at the separately booked, stylish sauna facilities. One of the saunas offers the opportunity to cool down on the terrace, and the other has a seating area and a kitchen. In both saunas, you can visit the communal spaces and sit down for a sip of coffee, if you like.

For private events, a separate venue with great adaptability and quality can be arranged with a movable wall. There is a total of two kitchens in the communal space, one in the space that is convertible into the separate venue and the other in the communal space.

Lumo One skyscraper

Customer-oriented design

The communal space of the Lumo One skyscraper is like an additional communal wing in connection with the residents’ own homes. You can spontaneously meet the residents of the same building in the communal spaces. You can spend time by yourself there, or with other people if you wish.

– The space enables a sense of community between neighbours and allows for easy interaction and togetherness while enjoying the surroundings. Meeting others is voluntary, but possible, says Anna Saarinen, Development Manager at Lumo Homes.

– Since the beginning, the development of the space has been communal, as future residents have been involved in the planning of the communal space. A customer and resident-oriented approach is a significant value for Lumo homes, Saarinen continues.

Residents who have become interested in the Lumo One building in advance have been involved in the planning in many ways, such as through surveys, interviews and an online workshop. Encounters and discussions with other residents inspired the future residents. The possibility of remote work also came up. You can rearrange the furniture in the communal space if you wish, if you need some peace for concentration, and some of the furniture allows you to snuggle down on your own.

Aesthetically, the communal spaces are dominated by the floor-to-ceiling landscape that overlooks the whole of Helsinki to the north and east on two walls. Indoors, the landscape is maximised with mirrors. On the wall opposite to the landscape, the urban oasis-like essence of the communal space continues throughout the whole wall with storage furniture stained green.

You can admire the sunset from a perfect spot in the common area of the Lumo One building.

Nature is present in the furnishings

The floor of the communal spaces is made of dark terrazzo patterned tiles reminiscent of mosaic concrete, which emphasises the outdoorsy nature of the urban oasis. Upholstered furniture that is inviting, comfortable and soft was brought to the communal space to contrast the hard floor surface. At the same time, the pieces of furniture are timelessly stylish, and the interior designers also took into account their adaptability and portability. The range of tones conveys earthiness and warmth.

– Acoustically, the goal has also been to create a lively and pleasant space. The intention is not to make it completely silent, but to allow pleasant background sounds. Acoustic ceilings, curtains and upholstered furniture balance the hard floor and wall surfaces acoustically, says Emma Keränen, an Interior Architect of Fyra Oy, the company responsible for the concept design of the Lumo One skyscraper.

Above all, the view of Helsinki from the Lumo One skyscraper's communal space is so breathtaking that it makes the viewer wonder just how much water there is in Helsinki and how green the city is. Parks stretch as far as the eye can see, but also urban apartment buildings, the centre of Helsinki and buildings from different decades – the different layers of the city – rise alongside them. The Lumo One skyscraper's communal space has made this view available to residents so that everyone can enjoy the magnificent scenery whenever they wish.

Lumo One

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Lumo One, Työpajankatu 17 A

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