Why choose Lumo?

Lumo is urban life at its best. Lumo rental homes offer safe, convenient and environmentally friendly housing paired with housing services that make everyday life easier. Lumo homes are located in the best areas of Finland’s largest cities, close to a wide range of services and good public transport links.

Rent a home that fits your life and make it your own!

Rent an apartment immediately online – with a satisfaction guarantee

The Lumo webstore is the most carefree way of renting a home. You can easily rent an apartment by paying the first month’s rent or a reservation fee – we do not require a security deposit at all.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee to Lumo webstore customers: It means that you can cancel the tenancy agreement at no cost after the viewing if the apartment is not suitable for you.

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Homes for diverse life situations

Lumo buildings and homes are in good condition and are equipped for the needs of the residents. Our selection consists of stunning new Lumo homes, renovated homes, and well-maintained classics. A new apartment is easy to make your own as no one else has lived in it. A renovated home offers an atmospheric yet updated setting for your daily life.

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Benefits throughout your residency

At Lumo homes, we believe that a home is more than walls and a ceiling: with our wide range of customer benefits, special offers and supplementary services, you can personalise your Lumo experience! In a Lumo home, you have our customer service, housing advisory service, property manager and professional maintenance company at your service. As a resident, the easiest way to reach us is via the My Lumo online service.

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Responsibility at Lumo homes

At Lumo homes, we have a long track record of working to promote better and more sustainable urban living. Environmental sustainability in rental housing is integrated in construction, maintenance and housing services and customer communications. Nearly all of the Lumo buildings utilise district heating, carbon neutral property electricity and heating optimisation systems. We also focus on improving waste sorting and recycling.
We invite our residents to participate in building the common good and maintaining a sense of community through the Lumo team.

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The best home for everyone

We own over 37,000 Lumo homes in central locations across Finland – and hundreds more are completed each year. We want you to find the right home for you!

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The ease of switching Lumo homes

Moving from one Lumo home to another is easy and flexible after six (6) months of living. When moving from one Lumo home to another, you can flexibly negotiate moving dates and notice periods so you do not have to pay rent for two apartments at the same time. We also offer Lumo residents various services that make moving easier, such as move out cleaning service.

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Comfortable communal living and a reliable lessor

We are a stable lessor that looks after their residents and offers long-term, high-quality living. The Lumo team fosters a sense of community and comfort between residents of a building. Shared-use facilities and services further enhance the communal experience of Lumo buildings.

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