Why choose Lumo?

Lumo rental homes offer reliable, safe and environmentally friendly housing paired with the best housing services. In your diverse selection you can find a new home that you don’t have to own. It will be your home for as long as you want it.

Rent directly by yourself online - satisfaction guaranteed

Most Lumo apartments can be rented immediately through our webstore. We also want to ensure that you will be happy with your new home, so we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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Impressive newly constructed property and renovated classics

We are constantly developing new Lumo homes. A new apartment is easy to make your own as no one else has lived in it! A renovated home offers an atmospheric yet updated setting for your daily life.

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Benefits throughout your residency

At Lumo homes, we believe that a home is more than walls and a ceiling: with our wide range of customer benefits, special offers and supplementary services, you can personalise your Lumo experience!

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Responsibility at Lumo homes

At Lumo homes, we have a long track record of working to promote better and more sustainable urban housing. Eco-friendliness in rental housing comes from construction, maintenance and housing services.

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The best home for everyone

We own over 35,000 Lumo homes in central locations across Finland – and hundreds more are completed each year. We want you to find the right home for you!

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