Updated 15 July 2021

We may change this cookie policy at any time. The "Updated" information indicates when this cookie policy was last updated. Any change to the cookie policy will become effective as soon as the updated version is published on our website.

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Cookies on Kojamo's websites

Kojamo plc uses cookies on its websites. We do not use all the cookies listed in this cookie policy on each of our different websites, as cookies may vary per website. You can check the cookies used on this site by clicking on "Change Cookie Settings" in the cookie banner.

We have divided the cookies used on our websites into categories according to their intended use. We use (1) cookies that are necessary for the functioning of our websites, (2) cookies that measure the performance of our websites, (3) cookies enabling personalised user experiences, and (3) cookies that help to provide targeted advertising. You can change your cookie settings via the cookie banner at any time.

General information on cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, mobile device or other device. Cookies contain an anonymous, unique identifier that enables us to identify and count the different browsers that visit our site. We also use other technologies, such as tracking codes (advertising pixels and the like) and others that may work like cookies. For the purpose of this policy, cookies refer to all technologies equivalent to cookies.

First-party and third-party cookies

We use the term "first-party cookie" to denote the cookies set by our own websites. In addition, some of the third-party technical solutions used on our websites set cookies, which we call "third-party cookies". Cookies set by a third party may follow the user beyond Kojamo's websites and track the user's online behaviour on different websites. In this cookie policy, we use the umbrella term "cookies" for all of these.

On our websites, we use external service providers that process information on behalf of Kojamo and all its subsidiaries. This information is collected using first-party and third-party cookies. For more information on the transfer of data collected using first-party cookies, please see our Privacy Policy.

The processing of data collected through third-party cookies is not described in our Privacy Policy, but in each third party's own privacy policy.

What do we use cookies for?

Cookies enable the use of several functions of our website and provide the best possible user experience. Cookies allow us to collect information about how and when our services are used: for example, from which page the user has accessed the service, which web pages the user has accessed and when, what links the user has seen and clicked on, which browser the user is using, what the resolution of the user's display is, what the operating system is and its version on the user's device. We use cookies and other similar technologies to statistically monitor the number of visitors to our services and to measure the effectiveness of advertising. For example, we may collect information from marketing emails and newsletters to find out whether the messages have been opened and whether any action has been taken, such as entering the webstore. In order to improve the usability of our websites, we may carry out short-term tracking in which we may also store information about the user's mouse movements and clicks on a particular page.

We use cookies to target advertising. For example, you may see advertisements on our partner networks for products that you have browsed on our webstore. The purpose of targeted marketing is to provide interesting and relevant advertising at the right time. If you do not wish to receive targeted marketing, you can opt out of the use of targeting cookies in our cookie settings.

We use Google Analytics advertising features on our website to help us create remarketing audiences and target audiences based on user behaviour, demographics or interests. This information allows us to improve your experience and provide you with the most useful content, offers and advertisements on Kojamo's website and through other channels.

Visitors of our website can be identified by cookies if the visitor has allowed the use of marketing cookies and has either been a Kojamo resident, applied for an apartment, subscribed to our newsletter or made a contact request. In this case, the data collected from advertising and targeting may be combined with the data collected during the customer relationship in accordance with data protection legislation.

Below is a list of the categories of cookies we use on our websites. You can check the cookies included in the categories via the cookie banner (the Change Cookie Settings link).

These cookies are necessary for our website to function correctly. They ensure that logged-in users can use the basic functions of the service, such as renting an apartment and using the resident services.

Statistics and User Experience
These cookies collect anonymous information that helps us understand how our online services are used and improve your user experience as well as our general business operations.

These cookies store information about the user's choices or interests and may change the functionality or appearance of the website.

Targeted Advertising
Advertising cookies provide information about our visitors' interests. When you visit third-party websites, you may see ads based on how you have interacted with our site or what you have been interested in. We may also target individual users through our own channels.

By default, the necessary cookies are turned on and cannot be disabled because they are required for the website to function properly.

By default, the cookies in the Statistics and User Experience category are on. These cookies do not collect personal data about the customer.

By default, the cookies in the Preferences category are on. These cookies help to provide a tailor-made user experience or enable site functionality, such as customer service chat. If a cookie collects personal data, the collection is based on legitimate interests in accordance with data protection legislation.

Cookies related to targeted advertising are on if the user gives their consent. In this case, we can identify the user on our website if the user is a Kojamo resident, has applied for an apartment, has subscribed to our newsletter or has made a contact request. The data collected from advertising and targeting may be combined with the data collected during the customer relationship in accordance with data protection legislation. You can change your consent settings via the cookie banner. However, this does not affect the material already collected.

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