Responsibility at Lumo homes

At Lumo homes, we have a long track record of working to promote better and more sustainable urban housing. Eco-friendliness in rental housing comes from construction, maintenance and housing services.

In spring 2020, we asked the residents of Lumo homes about their expectations regarding our sustainability work and which sustainability themes they consider the most important both when choosing a home and when living in one.

The resident survey was part of our sustainability stakeholder survey and their results played an important part in our sustainability programme, published in December 2020.

Sustainability is hard currency in Lumo homes

The sustainability programme, which will steer Lumo’s sustainability work until 2030, comprises the following four focal points: sustainable cities, the best customer experience, a responsible corporate citizen, and the most competent personnel and a dynamic place to work.

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With our sustainability programme, we commit to complying with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and aim to use carbon-neutral energy in all Lumo buildings by 2030. As part of our goal of becoming carbon-neutral, we joined the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment initiative of the World Green Building Council.

We are committed to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Lumo builds sustainable cities

We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our operations and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We build in growth centres, in locations with good public transport connections and services.

We conduct all of our construction projects according to the principles of sustainable development, minimising the environmental impact. We aim to keep the carbon footprint of our buildings as small as possible while maximising their material and energy efficiency. Our goal is to create safe, healthy and comfortable Lumo homes that enable environmentally friendly living.

Lumo home is a more environmentally friendly choice

At our properties, we use fully carbon-free hydropower-certified electricity from Helen to light up common areas and yards, heat the shared saunas, run the washing machines in the laundry room and power the ventilation systems. What’s more, in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, we have started using Fortum’s carbon-neutral district heating at 79 properties.

The safety and comfort of our residents is a top priority to us. We invest in lighting that is energy efficient and promotes safety, ensure healthy indoor conditions in our apartments and promote a strong sense of community in housing through our active Lumo teams. • We will introduce more services that promote sustainable housing and our residents’ well-being.

We have focused on recycling and the reduction of waste for several years now at Lumo buildings. We provide comprehensive sorting opportunities in our buildings’ waste disposal rooms. Plastic, paperboard, cardboard, biowaste, glass, metal and dry waste is collected separately at almost all our buildings. Once or twice a year, we also have recycling containers brought to the buildings to make it easy for our residents to recycle larger items appropriately.

A car sharing concept is available to residents of Lumo homes. Car sharing complements public transport and provides Lumo residents with an additional mobility option. We aim to offer the opportunity to use a shared vehicle at all of our properties by the end of 2025.

When you choose a Lumo home, you will get a home that suits your needs along with the best possible services, all wrapped up in an environmentally friendly package

The maintenance of your Lumo home is environmentally friendly

Whether your home is new, renovated or an older property, we are committed to taking good care of it. Our property maintenance is in the hands of local professionals and we offer a 24/7 fault reporting channel on the My Lumo service.

The indoor temperature of nearly 29,000 Lumo homes is controlled with an AI-enabled IoT solution. The solution uses predictive artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the heating of a building according to the actual temperature inside the apartments as well as the weather forecast, preventing excessive heating.

Property water consumption monitoring and reporting helps us detect leaks early. We encourage our residents to use water in moderation.

Lumo is a responsible lessor

We operate sustainably and transparently. As a basis of our sustainable operations, we have a Code of Conduct for the company as well as our suppliers.

Property repairs are carried out with a planned and supervised approach and we make significant investments in repairs each year.

We require all parties in the procurement chain that are involved in renovation, new development and property maintenance to be members of the Vastuu Group register, fulfil their social obligations, comply with the sustainability principles and commit to our environmental targets.

All of our cooperation partners shall comply with the current employment legislation and collective bargaining agreements in all of their operations as well as regulations governing occupational health and safety, and commit to promoting these.

We do not condone the use of illegal labour in our procurement chain.

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