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    Test your carbon footprint!

    Test and see how sustainable your lifestyle is! You will also get personalized tips for a more sustainable life.

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    My Lumo is the resident's personal service channel online

    In the My Lumo service you can manage your housing-related matters conveniently online and find resident benefits that will make your everyday life better.

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    In a Lumo home you live sustainably

    • The electricity used in the common areas and courtyard of your building is 100% carbon-neutral.
    • You have a wide range of waste sorting and recycling opportunities at your disposal.
    • You can use responsible lifestyle services, such as a car-sharing service.
    • You can influence your housing and the sense of community in your house by participating in the Lumo team.
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    Exchanging from one Lumo home to another is a great deal

    • Flexible switch between homes
    • No term of notice
    • New home with a reservation fee of €350 when renting online
    Benefits for home exchangers