High-quality living in the Lumo One skyscraper

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Työpajankatu 17 A

Kalasatama, 00580 HelsinkiAvailable for renting 3.1.2022
Estimated time of completion 1.9.2022

Lumo One will be located in a prime spot in Kalasatama’s skyscraper district by the seaside, surrounded by beautiful views and excellent services. The over 120 metre tall building is in itself a stunning sight to behold, and the apartments and facilities located behind its glass exterior do not pale in comparison. The building’s 31 floors will house a total of 291 apartments. You can take the elevator right from your home door to the hustle and bustle of the vibrant REDI shopping centre. The view is breathtaking: on a clear day you can see as far as 41 kilometres away! The changing seasons, the swells and tides of the sea, sunrises and sunsets, bright moonlit nights and the glow of the city lights are some of the sights the future residents can expect to see from their window.

The apartments are carefully designed, cosy and high-quality city homes. In addition to a spectacular view, the apartments include conservatories in place of balconies, and the windows in the other rooms extend to the floor as well. The conservatory is like a little oasis next to the kitchen, and a home chef with a green thumb can use it to grow vegetables in addition to houseplants. The interior materials come in three styles: bright white, warm light wood tones or edgy black. All styles have high quality and timelessness in common.

To match the first-class location, apartment, services and public transportation connections, the shared premises located in the 29th floor of the building are without peer. The glazed terraces, excellent sauna facilities and carefully designed multipurpose common area are like an additional wing to the home that is shared by all residents. The residents of the building will also have a wide variety of housing services available to them to make daily life and living easier.

  • Apartment buildingEstimated time of completion 1.9.2022
    Available for renting 3.1.2022
  • 1 room + k123 pcs2032
    2 rooms + k120 pcs3548,5
    3 rooms + k25 pcs4957,5
    4 rooms + k23 pcs66,572
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    Information is based on data provided by Profinder. Distances to services are measured on the map using straight line distances.


    Kalasatama is a perfect example of the new, coastal Helsinki. Kalasatama is located in the Sörnäinen district, and large parts of the former Sörnäinen harbour are part of it.

    Kalasatama is close to the Vanhakaupunki bay and both the Mustikkamaa and Korkeasaari islands. The Mustikkamaa island can be accessed by foot through the Isoisänsilta bridge. In addition to the metro, the area has several bus connections to various parts of Helsinki. Kalasatama has easy access to the Lahdenväylä and Länsiväylä highways.

    Rental apartments in Kalasatama close to services

    New apartments and commercial properties are constantly constructed in the area. The new grand Lumo One skyscraper is currently being built in Kalasatama. Shopping centre Redi offers a wide range of shopping opportunities and restaurants. A long promenade will be built along the channels and shoreline in the future. The most central park in the area, Kalasatamanpuisto, will provide a comfortable meeting place for the residents of the area. At the moment, there are three day-care centres and a school in the area. Residents who enjoy cultural events can visit the neighbouring Suvilahti area, with the event and restaurant hub Teurastamo located next to the Tukkutori square.

    Sompasaari is a coastal gem located close to services

    The apartments in this new residential area are sold faster than they can be built.
    Sompasaari, an old harbour, is a developing area and one of the most recently established residential areas in Helsinki, with each block having sea views while still being close to services. This area is located next to shopping centre Redi, which has numerous shops, restaurants and even a movie theatre. In addition, the Kalasatama health centre is nearby, and a day-care centre will be opened in Sompasaari in the next few years.

    Sompasaari has good transport links into all directions

    The bus route extends to the far end of Sompasaari, and the Kalasatama metro station is within walking distance. In a few years, you can take a tram from Sompasaari and reach Pasila and Kruunuvuorenranta in less than 15 minutes.

    Rental apartments in Sompasaari surrounded by nature and recreation opportunities

    Loviseholminpuisto park is being built in the middle of Sompasaari to provide room for play, leisure and games for both the young and the old. In addition, you can find jogging trails, tennis courts, an adventure park and a beach just around the corner in Mustikkamaa. You can take a walk to Korkeasaari Zoo and see the animals around the year.

    The entire Kalasatama area is planned to be completed in the 2030s, but Sompasaari will be completed in the next few years already.

    Comfortable rental homes in Helsinki

    Helsinki is a beautiful and lively residential city. Modern Helsinki, the capital of Finland, plays a key role in Finland's business and economy, which is why there are many jobs in Helsinki. Helsinki is an international, open and secure European capital with a good location on the Baltic Sea.

    Helsinki has been awarded the World Design Capital Award in 2012 and UNESCO's City of Design in 2014. Around the world, Helsinki is known for its innovation, high-tech achievements, seaworthiness, architecture, cleanliness and security. The Cathedral, the Market Square and Suomenlinna are some of the city's most famous sights.

    Sea and nature

    In Helsinki, the sea is everywhere, and the outdoor islands are open to every citizen. The islands are easily accessible by ferries and the sea beaches are at the guests' disposal. Nature is also close to downtown, and the 1000-hectare green park stretches from Töölönlahti to northern Helsinki. Each residential area in Helsinki has its own outdoor areas, so the natural ambience of the city is maintained throughout the summer and winter.
    Good public transport and excellent services

    Helsinki is a good place to live as the city offers its residents well-functioning public transport and good services that are easily accessible from all over Helsinki. For example, children's day care, schools and health centres are close to everyone.

    Even if your own home is located further from the centre of Helsinki, the train, bus, metro or tram can be reached quickly. Urban planning has also invested in light traffic routes, so many Helsinki residents make their commute by bike.
    Lumo rental apartment in Helsinki

    Helsinki will find a suitable home for everyone. Apartment living is a Helsinki-style way of living, but it is also possible to live in suburban houses in the suburbs. If you want to live right in the centre of Helsinki, you will often have fewer living quarters than the more remote ones. Helsinki rentals are located around the city, and Lumo rentals are available to single, couples and families.

    Helsinki has many new development areas, but there is also more construction in existing residential areas. Your Lumo rental home in Helsinki can be located in an old 50's traditional stone house, a modern new apartment building or anywhere in between.

    Downtown Lumo Rentals

    There are several Lumo rental apartments near the centre of Helsinki. For example, Punavuori, Töölö and Kallio are the most traditional residential areas in Helsinki. Each of them has its own atmosphere that is unique to the place. Pasila is located a few minutes by train from the city centre, and is also a popular residential area for those who want to be near the city centre.

    Maritime rental accommodation in Helsinki

    Helsinki has many beautiful residential areas in the immediate vicinity of the sea. Kalasatama and Hernesaari are one of the newest housing projects in Helsinki, where there are already several comfortable Lumo rental apartments. In addition to its maritime location, Kalasatama's and Hernesaari's trump cards are in the immediate vicinity of Helsinki city centre. The traditional Lauttasaari Island just south of Helsinki is also a popular residential area, and Lauttasaari Lumo Rentals are well located for services. Merihaka is a traditional residential area especially for students to rent and the tram to the city centre takes only a few minutes.

    Cozy rental accommodation by the metro line in eastern Helsinki

    Vuosaari, the largest residential area in Helsinki, as well as Rastila, Kontula, Itäkeskus, Herttoniemi, Vartiokylä and Roihuvuori, are located close to the metro line in eastern Helsinki. Vuosaari is home to perhaps the most beautiful and sandy and large Aurinkolahti beach in Helsinki, which has the atmosphere of southern Europe. All of these properties in Eastern Helsinki offer Lumo rentals of various sizes in a comfortable environment with good transport links and services.

    Green suburbs in central and northern Helsinki

    Central and northern Helsinki are attracted by their beautiful parks and good outdoor areas. In addition to the Central Park, the outdoor areas of Pirkkola, Paloheinen and Tali, among other things, provide a wonderful setting for leisure activities for their residents. In central Helsinki, for example, Haaga, Kannelmäki, Konala and Oulunkylä offer many comfortable Lumo rental homes. There are studios and family flats available. Popular residential areas in northern Helsinki include Malmi, Tapanila, Tapaninkylä, Tapulikaupunki and Suutarila. The Lumo rental homes along the train track in these areas are popular: not only are the surroundings comfortable, but the transportation to the south as well as to the north is so good.

    Deposit €0, pets are allowed and many more customer benefits.

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