Frequently Asked Questions

In daily life at home, you sometimes come across situations that you don’t know how to resolve. Fortunately, the professionals at Lumo Home Centre are always ready to help. You can also get assistance from your building’s property manager and the maintenance company. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find the answer to your question on these pages. You should also take a look at the Who do I need to contact? page.

How do I contact the property manager?

We will put you in contact with your property manager when you message us through the My Lumo service or contact customer service.

Where and how do I submit a fault report? How do I contact the maintenance company?

You can submit a fault report directly via the My Lumo service or by calling the maintenance company. You can find the contact details for your maintenance company on the notice board in the stairwell of your building or by signing in to your building’s page on My Lumo. Incidents requiring urgent maintenance (such as water damage) and opening locked doors should be handled by phone.

Some of the fault reports submitted through My Lumo go directly to your building's property manager. The progress of processing fault reports handled by your property manager can be monitored conveniently in the My Lumo service. After sending the fault report, you can click the "Add more information" button to add details or pictures to the report afterwards. The property manager can also ask you for more information about your matter if necessary in the same place.

Other fault reports submitted in the My Lumo service are forwarded to your building's maintenance company. The maintenance company will continue to communicate with you by phone or email.

See here if your report belongs to the maintenance company or the property manager.

How do I reserve or cancel a sauna booking or parking space?

You can reserve, cancel, or change your parking space on the My Lumo online service. Please read more on the Parking spaces page.

The number of available parking spaces is limited. Parking spaces are apartment-specific. There is one parking space per apartment. When the situation allows it, it is usually possible to rent a second parking space. However, if the situation changes, the rental agreement concerning a second parking space can be terminated.

For instructions on how to make a sauna booking in your building, please visit the My Lumo service.

I would like to change the due date of paying rent, how can I do it? How can I see the status of my rent payment?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the due date. For more information on the payment of rent, please refer to the Rent in Lumo homes page. Our customer service can also help you with any questions related to the payment of rent.

You can view the status of your rent payment via the My Lumo online service. By signing in, you can see the status of your rent payment and print out an itemization of your rent payments as well as your payment history.

My neighbour is a nuisance – what do I do?

In the event of nuisance or vandalism at your building, you can submit a nuisance report via the My Lumo service or fill out printable nuisance report form. If your property has been damaged due to vandalism, you should also contact your insurance company. If your property has been damaged or stolen, you also need to file a police report.

How do I start using the broadband internet service included in my rent?

More information on how to start using the broadband service is provided at and via the customer service of DNA and Elisa.

Where do I pick up the keys and return them? What should I do if I lose my key?

You can check your key pick-up and return location from the My Lumo service: Contact information Key management.

To order additional keys or report lost or broken keys, please contact us through My Lumo or customer service. Please take good care of your keys!

Please refer to the Keys page for more information.

Make moving easier with the Lumo key courier service

How do I give notice on my lease and how long is the notice period?

The notice period for your apartment is always until the end of the next full calendar month. Please refer to the page Giving notice on your lease and moving out for more information.

Can I renovate my apartment? / I would like to have my apartment renovated

Renovating an apartment is always subject to the property manager’s permission. So please contact us regarding renovations via My Lumo. Please refer to the page Thinking about renovating your apartment? for more information.

It is hot in my apartment – what to do?

Take care of the ventilation in your home. Cooling tips for hot weather.

If your apartment's temperature still clearly differs from normal, please leave a fault report through the My Lumo service.

There is no fire detector in my apartment. Who is responsible for getting one?

The resident is always responsible for acquiring fire detectors and ensuring that they are functional. Please refer to the Safety page for more information.

Can I install a dishwasher myself?

Dishwasher may only be installed by a professional. Improperly installed dishwasher can cause major water damage. Please refer to the Water and Drains page.

Who is responsible for damage caused by leaking dishwashers and washing machines?

Residents are always responsible for damage caused by their property, including the costs incurred from a leaking washing machine. As leaks can cause substantial damage, we recommend that you take out home insurance. Please refer to the Who do I need to contact? page for more information on the resident’s liability.

Can I dispose of compact fluorescent lamps in mixed waste?

Used compact fluorescent lamps must be taken to hazardous waste collection points. You must not dispose of them in mixed waste. For more information on recycling and hazardous waste, please refer to the page Waste management and recycling or visit

How do I move from my current apartment to a different Lumo apartment?

You can rent a new apartment directly via the Lumo webstore or fill out an application at

Can I drill holes in the walls of the apartment? Can I hang pictures or paintings on the walls?

You are allowed to mount things on the walls of the rooms. Typically, residents want to mount mirrors, shelves, a flat-screen TV, or pictures on walls.

You may not fasten anything to the wet rooms (toilets, bathrooms), apartment floors, fixtures, exterior door, interior doors, balcony walls or ceilings.

Mounting things on the walls is allowed as long as the resident ensures that the wall is sufficiently strong for the element to be mounted, and the fastening is done with appropriate fasteners, ensuring a safe and clean result. 

We recommend using fastening methods that leave no traces. If there are marks on the walls resulting from the fastening, it is the resident's responsibility to restore the walls to their original condition before moving out. 

If you are not sure about the load-bearing capacity of the wall or the suitable method of fastening, please contact your building's property manager through the My Lumo service:

The instruction will come into force on 1.1.2024.