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Uudentuvantie 6

Askisto, 01680 Vantaa

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  • Terraced houseCompletion 1985
  • 2 bedrooms + k26 pcs8080,5
    3 bedrooms + k8 pcs9797,5
    1 bedroom + k8 pcs62,5
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Uudentuvantie 6

Uudentuvantie 6 on vuonna 1985 valmistunut rivitalo, joka sijaitsee Askiston rauhallisella ja luonnonläheisellä pientaloalueella. Puuverhoillut rivitalot pitävät sisällään asuntoja kaksioista nelilöihin. Kaikissa asunnoissa on oma sauna ja suurimmalla osalla on isot asuntopihat.

Kiinteistö rajoittuu metsään ja tarjoaa rauhallisen asuinympäristön. Hyvillä neliöillä varustetut kodit sopivat mainiosti perheille. Asukkaiden yhteiskäytössä on pihapiirin keskellä sijaitseva kerhohuone.

Alueelta on hyvät kulkuyhteydet Kehä III:lle ja Vihdintielle. Kauppaan hurauttaa autolla noin viidessä minuutissa.

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Askisto is a residential area in West Vantaa, right on the border of Espoo. Askisto is a quiet and green area, popular with families with children. Located near Kehä III and Vihdintie, Askisto is well connected by road to all parts of the capital region.

Rental apartment in Askisto in the middle of nature

Askisto is surrounded by nature, with no less than three nature reserves in the area. The nature reserves of Kakolanmäki, Pikkujärvi and Timmermalmi invite you to go jogging, enjoy the outdoors and relax in the forested landscapes. The area also has its own sports field, suitable for ball games and other sports activities. There is also a kindergarten and a primary school in Askisto.

A wide range of services and sports facilities can be found in the nearby districts of Varisto, Myyrmäki and Hämeenkylä. For example, the nearby Hämeenkylä K-Supermarket is just over five minutes away. There are also numerous specialist shops in Petikko, and the Jumbo shopping centre is only a 15-minute drive away. Jumbo offers a huge range of services, restaurants and speciality shops, as well as the Flamingo entertainment centre with spas and other activities.

Lumo has a wide range of rental apartments in Vantaa. If you are interested in Askisto as an area, you should also check out the nearby Hämeenkylä rental apartments, Pähkinärinne rental apartments and Varisto rental apartments.


Vantaa is a well-connected city. Located next to Helsinki, it is an integral part of the metropolitan area. Vantaa is best known for the airport, which can now be accessed conveniently by train. Other well-known sites in Vantaa include Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, and the developing Aviapolis neighbourhood. The Vantaa river flows through several neighbourhoods, and there are nice outdoor tracks on its banks.

Living in Vantaa

Vantaa does not have one city centre, but the city comprises tens of neighbourhoods that have their own centres. The neighbourhoods differ greatly in terms of their atmosphere and size, which means that Vantaa has something for everyone. There are both densely populated areas in local centres for those who prefer a more urban setting and peaceful environments amidst nature a bit further away from the centres.

Available rental apartments in Vantaa

We offer a wide range of available rental apartments in Vantaa: with over a hundred Lumo houses and thousands of Lumo homes, there's sure to be something for everyone. From compact studio apartments to spacious family homes, we have a wide range of rental apartments to choose from. In Vantaa, there are vacant Lumo rental apartments all over the city. Vantaa is a large and diverse city, with a variety of different neighbourhoods to suit all tastes.

You can find available Lumo rental apartments in Vantaa in our web store. The Lumo web store offers you the convenience of renting your apartment 24 hours a day, without a rent deposit.

Studio apartments Vantaa
One-bedroom apartments Vantaa
Two-bedroom apartments Vantaa

Vantaa for new residents - things to know before moving to Vantaa

Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland with almost 250 000 inhabitants.  The city is divided into 61 districts, 28 of which are also home to Lumo rental apartments. As a large city, Vantaa has many centres, which means that your home is always close to services, wherever you live.

The easternmost centre of Vantaa is Tikkurila. Tikkurila is home to city offices, a wide range of services and, of course, the busy Tikkurila station, where long-distance trains, as well as commuter trains stop. Lumo homes have plenty of rental apartments in Tikkurila, and on the other side of Tikkurila station, the Jokiniemi rental apartments.

Another centre in Vantaa is the Jumbo shopping centre area, which also includes the Flamingo entertainment centre and the Tammisto shopping cluster. This is where many families in Vantaa go to spend their free time. If you want to live close to a wide range of services and the airport, but also want to be close to nature, check out our rental apartments in Pakkala, rental apartments in Tammisto and rental apartments in Veromies.

To the west, the centre of Vantaa is Myyrmäki, which is also home to a concentration of services such as the Myyrmanni shopping centre, the Myyrmäki sports park and, of course, Myyrmäki station. Lumo homes have great rental apartments in Myyrmäki, but you should also take a look at our rental apartments in Martinlaakso, our rental apartments in Louhela, our rental apartments in Kaivoksela and our rental apartments in Pähkinärinne.

Rental living in Aviapolis near the airport

The neighbourhoods of Pakkala, Tammisto and Veromies are part of the greater Aviapolis area. There a many jobs and rental apartments in the area, including fully new apartments. The atmosphere of Aviapolis is innovative, and the connections are excellent to all directions. Other neighbourhoods with Lumo rental apartments near Aviapolis include characteristic Kartanonkoski and cosy Leinelä.

Lumo apartment by the railway in Vantaa

Koivukylä is a traditional residential area with apartment buildings near nature and the main railway. The apartment buildings in Korso are also mainly located in a green environment, and the area is currently being developed into a more functional and comfortable district. The green neighbourhood of Asola is located next to Koivukylä, and next to Korso there is also Metsola.

These areas offer local services and good transportation connections. The extensive green areas and beaches to the east of Koivukylä are important for the residents of the area.

Living near nature in western Vantaa

MyyrmäkiMartinlaakso and Kaivoksela are the neighbourhoods with the most residents in Vantaa, and new apartments are still being constructed in all three. Myyrmäki is the centre of western Vantaa, with extensive public and commercial services.

The Lumo rental apartments in western Vantaa are popular both among single people and families. There are also some Lumo apartments in Varisto, Askisto and Hämeenkylä, quiet neighbourhoods that appeal particularly to families.

Pähkinärinne is a pleasant neighbourhood in western Vantaa. Apartment buildings are the prevalent housing type, but nature is still strongly present for the residents. Lake Lammaslampi is located near Pähkinärinne, offering a beautiful setting for a variety of outdoor activities.

Urban housing in and around Tikkurila

Tikkurila is one of the largest urban centres in Vantaa with excellent public transportation to all directions. The airport is within 10 minutes by train and the centre of Helsinki within 20 minutes. Tikkurila is also the administrative centre of Vantaa where the most of the city’s services are located. Tikkurila has a cosy centre with a pedestrian street and a unique atmosphere, particularly in the summer. The history of Tikkurila dates back to the 16th century, when it was an important marketplace.

Tikkurila has a large population and several Lumo rental apartments. The area of Jokiniemi is located next to Tikkurila and offers comfortable housing in a peaceful environment. Simonkylä is also located near Tikkurila, at a comfortable distance. Malminiitty is a verdant neighbourhood between Simonkylä and Hiekkaharju.

Popular suburbs in eastern Vantaa

The best services in eastern Vantaa can be found in Hakunila, which also has many Lumo rental apartments. Hakkila and Länsimäki are other important residential areas. All of these neighbourhoods are quite densely constructed, but they have a country-style feel. There are apartments both in centres, near the services, and a bit further away.

Lake Kuusijärvi and Sipoonkorpi national park are among the gems of eastern Vantaa, offering versatile opportunities of outdoor activities. Many companies operate in the area of Vaarala, including the family-friendly destination Fazer, and the area is an important source of employment.

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