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Lumo-living includes

As a Lumo customer you are entitled to a wide range of offers, benefits and services free of charge.

DNA Netti broadband

DNA provides broadband and cable-TV services to Lumo customers. The broadband connection 50 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s is included in the rent. If you wish, you can upgrade your Internet speed at a special price.

DNA also offer benefits to Lumo residents on entertainment and mobile communication services.

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Carbon footprint test

Take a test to see how sustainable your lifestyle is. You will also get personalized tips for a more sustainable life. Basic information regarding housing; the construction year and heating method of the house as well as the type and surface area of the apartment are already taken into account when testing through the My Lumo service.

The carbon footprint test can also be taken by people living in apartment buildings, terraced houses or semi-detached houses in Lumo cities.

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Elisa Broadband

Elisa provides broadband and television services to some Lumo homes. Basic broadband connection is included in the rent. Elisa also offer benefits to residents in entertainment and mobile services. Their services include pay TV channels and speed upgrades for broadband connections.

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Pets welcome

Pets are family members too and, as such, always welcome in Lumo homes.

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Security deposit 0 €

When you rent a Lumo home from the Lumo webstore, the security deposit is 0 euros.

Parcel locker

Some Lumo houses have parcel lockers. Residents can use the lockers to receive orders or to send parcels.

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Free decoration paints

Lumo offers its residents free decoration paints. The paint benefit includes decoration paints and materials for do-it-yourself painting. Read more.

Please note that the paint benefit is not available in our newly constructed properties or renovated apartments during the first two years.

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Customer events

As a Lumo resident, you have the opportunity to participate in various customer events. The best way to receive information on upcoming events is to take the My Lumo service in use!

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Lumo team

The Lumo team arranges all kinds of fun for the residents of your house.

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Shared boat

Lumo residents in Jyväskylä have the opportunity to use the shared Lumo boat.

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Flexible exchange from one Lumo home to another

Moving dates and notice periods are negotiable for people who move from one Lumo home to another after living in a Lumo home for six (6) months or more. Lumo movers don’t need to pay rent for two homes at the same time.

Deposit and rent payment related matters are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Apartments rented via the Lumo webstore do not require a deposit.

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My Lumo service

My Lumo is an online service for residents that allows you to handle housing and tenancy-related matters easily and effortlessly, also on mobile. My Lumo service makes your life easier and it travels with you.

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