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Pähkinärinne, Vantaa – nature and enchanting architecture

Pähkinärinne is a place where greenery, community and architecture meet. Arno de la Chapelle, architect and chairman of Pähkinärinne-seura, an association for the area and its residents, particularly appreciates the unique cityscape of the area. Pähkinärinne is a valuable example of modern construction and offers a great combination of urban life and nature.


“Back in the day, I moved to the area because of the low price level. At that time, our family was growing and Pähkinärinne was a good area for children. Some of our relatives also lived nearby,” de la Chapelle says of his first years of living in Pähkinärinne.

Pähkinärinne still attracts families with children, as the area has both a school and nurseries. There are also other basic services: two shopping centres, a convenience store, a dental clinic and a library can be found nearby. Enthusiastic gardeners can get their hands in the soil, as local residents have access to the Pähkinärinne allotment garden area.

Arno de la Chapelle enjoys the unique architecture of Pähkinärinne.

“Thanks to the activity of the residents, we also got back our local pharmacy,” de la Chapelle says.

If you need a wider range of services, the Myyrmanni shopping centre in Myyrmäki is a short drive away and there are good public transport links to the rest of the capital region. For example, you can reach Helsinki city centre by bus in about 30 minutes.

Pähkinärinne also caters to dogs with great opportunities for outdoor exercise.

The most beautiful street in Vantaa is in Pähkinärinne

Lined with maples, the Lammaslammentie street was chosen as the most beautiful street in Vantaa. The residents of Lumo homes also get to enjoy the street, as the street goes from the new Lumo homes all the way to the shores of the Lammaslampi pond.

This beautiful street also has a special place in the heart of de la Chapelle, as he also used to live on Lammaslammentie.

“The maples of Lammaslammentie set the scene for an atmospheric walk to Lammaslampi. The routes to nearby forests and nature make the area a good place to live. There are also nature conservation areas close by.”

There is a pleasant jogging trail that goes around Lammaslampi.

In Pähkinärinne, even the dogs’ comfort is guaranteed. There is a beach for dogs on the north shore of the pond, and there is also a pleasant 1.5 kilometre jogging trail around the pond. There are also a minigolf course and fitness trails around the pond for residents who want a wider range of exercise.

Red and blue create a distinctive look

Arno de la Chapelle knows the architecture of Pähkinärinne like the back of his hand – he did his master’s thesis on the subject. According to him, the main attraction of Pähkinärinne is its uniform, moderately efficient building stock, as well as the high-quality materials used in the buildings.

“As a young architect, I was annoyed by the tasteless renovations in various areas. I wanted to make sure that such a mistake does not happen in Pähkinärinne. Therefore, I made a plan for the development of the area, as well as repair instructions. The city got excited about this,” de la Chapelle says.

Shades of red and blue are highlighted in the street view of Pähkinärinne. They create a uniform look for the area and are repeated in the various details of the buildings. These shades have also been taken into account in the new Lumo homes.

The new residents will move into the Lumo homes in Pähkinärinne in late 2023.

The joy of community

In Pähkinärinne, the area’s sense of community is regularly fostered through various events. For example, skiing and running competitions are held for children. In the summer, residents can enjoy the LammasRock festival and the Kino Lammaslampi film screenings. In addition, the residents participate annually in communal cleaning events to take care of Lammaslampi’s environment.

De la Chapelle sends the following greetings to the future residents of Pähkinärinne:

“Welcome! Pähkinärinne has good transport links, but what’s even more important is the area’s excellent connection to nature.”

Arno de la Chapelle’s favourites in Pähkinärinne:

  1. Lammaslampi
  2. Kino Lammaslampi
  3. Lammasrock


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Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

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