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  • Leinelä, Vantaa




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    Rental apartments Leinelä, Vantaa

    Search results 29 apartments

    1. Leineläntie 10 B 44Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 943 €/month
      • 4/4 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KT, 41, balcony

      Vacant on 1.2.2023

    2. Leineläntie 3 B 67Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 812 €/month
      • 6/6 floor, elevator
      • 1H+KT, 28, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    3. In a Lumo home you live sustainably

      As our resident, you will have a sustainable home and lifestyle.

    4. Leinelänkaari 14 A 12Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 955 €/month
      • 3/5 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KT, 43, balcony

      Vacant on 1.1.2023

    5. Leinelänkaari 13 B 49Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 1319 €/month
      • 3/6 floor, elevator
      • 3H+K+S, 72, balcony

      Vacant on 1.1.2023

    6. Leineläntie 3 B 37Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 938 €/month
      • 1/6 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KT, 42, terrace

      Vacant on 1.1.2023

    7. Leinelänkaari 13 B 41Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 1295 €/month
      • 2/6 floor, elevator
      • 3H+K+S, 67, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    8. Leinelänkaari 14 B 52Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 922 €/month
      • 5/5 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KT, 42,5, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    9. Leinelänkaari 14 B 57Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 958 €/month
      • 0/5 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KT, 44,5, terrace

      The apartment is vacant

    10. Leinelänkaari 14 B 32Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 1338 €/month
      • 1/5 floor, elevator
      • 3H+KT+S, 75,5, balcony

      Vacant on 1.1.2023

    11. Leinelänkaari 14 B 37Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 872 €/month
      • 2/5 floor, elevator
      • 1H+KT, 41,5, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    12. Leinelänkaari 14 B 45Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 1345 €/month
      • 3/5 floor, elevator
      • 3H+KT+S, 77, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    13. Leinelänkaari 13 A 2Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 960 €/month
      • 1/6 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KK, 45,5, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    14. Leinelänkaari 14 B 43Leinelä, Vantaa

      • 872 €/month
      • 3/5 floor, elevator
      • 1H+KT, 41,5, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

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    The fairly new residential area composed of modern apartment buildings is located between the airport and Koivukylä, where the residents can enjoy nature, environmental art and pleasant living in addition to good transport links.

    Leinelä is one of the Ring Rail Line (Kehärata) stations, with I and P trains departing from the Leinelä train station. For example, you can reach Helsinki Airport by train in only ten minutes. However, the area has been designed with a focus on natural environment, vast parks, urban forests and environmental art.

    The new Leinelä residential area offers high-quality rental housing

    Leinelä is known for its communal spirit. Leinelä has a local day-care centre, with several other day-care centres located in the Koivukylä area. The closest school is the Ilola school, which has grades 1–4. There is a small grocery store in the area, with bigger shops available in the Koivukylä shopping centre about one kilometre away. The entertainment centre Flamingo and the Jumbo shopping centre are just a 15-minute drive away.

    Lumo has a wide selection of rental apartments in Vantaa. If Leinelä interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Korso, Asola and Ilola.