Leineläntie 10

Leinelä, 01340 Vantaa

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  • Apartment buildingCompletion 1.10.2021
  • 1 bedroom + k16 pcs4149,5
    2 bedrooms + k15 pcs5563
    3 bedrooms + k5 pcs76,579,5
    Sudios11 pcs26,528

Leineläntie 10

Pidetylle Leinelän asuinalueelle Vantaalla valmistui uusi Lumo-talo lokakuussa 2021. Talosta löytyy yhteensä 47 asuntoa, joista liki puolet ovat kolmioita ja neliöitä. Hissillisessä talossa on neljä kerrosta ja jokaisella asunnolla on lasitettu parveke olohuoneen tai ruokailutilan yhteydessä. Tämä on erityisesti lapsiperheiden suosima rauhallinen asuinalue, jossa on mainiot kulkuyhteydet, ruokakauppa ja hienot ulkoilumahdollisuudet kävellen ja pyöräillen. Leinelän alueelle ominaista on piha-alueiden värikkyys, sekä leikki- ja oleskelupaikkoja löytyy alueella runsaasti. Tilava kerhotila, maksuton pesutupa ja kuivaushuone ovat asukkaiden arjen apuna.

Autopaikkoja on pihapaikkoina 23 kpl, joista sähköauton latausmahdollisuus neljällä autopaikalla. Tämäkin Lumo-talo on savuton.

Lumo-asukkaana saat enemmän

Lumo-vuokrakodit tarjoavat turvallista ja ympäristöystävällistä asumista sekä parhaat asumisen palvelut.

Saat Lumo-palvelut ja Lumo-asukkaan edut käyttöösi My Lumo -palvelun kautta. Tutustu tarkemmin: lumo.fi/palvelut

  • Building type
    Apartment building
  • Completion
  • Energy rating
  • Asset-limited
  • Elevator
  • Antenna system
    Cable TV (DVB-C): DNA
  • Broadband
    DNA 100 Mbit/s
  • Non-smoking house
    This is a non-smoking building. Smoking is forbidden inside the apartment, on the balcony, and in the common areas of the house. There is a smoking area in the yard of the building.
  • Parking spaces
  • Shared facilities of the house
    Club room, shared sauna, laundry room, drying room, storage cages, air-raid shelter


The fairly new residential area composed of modern apartment buildings is located between the airport and Koivukylä, where the residents can enjoy nature, environmental art and pleasant living in addition to good transport links.

Leinelä is one of the Ring Rail Line (Kehärata) stations, with I and P trains departing from the Leinelä train station. For example, you can reach Helsinki Airport by train in only ten minutes. However, the area has been designed with a focus on natural environment, vast parks, urban forests and environmental art.

The new Leinelä residential area offers high-quality rental housing

Leinelä is known for its communal spirit. Leinelä has a local day-care centre, with several other day-care centres located in the Koivukylä area. The closest school is the Ilola school, which has grades 1–4. There is a small grocery store in the area, with bigger shops available in the Koivukylä shopping centre about one kilometre away. The entertainment centre Flamingo and the Jumbo shopping centre are just a 15-minute drive away.

Lumo has a wide selection of rental apartments in Vantaa. If Leinelä interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Korso, Asola and Ilola.


Vantaa is a well-connected city. Located next to Helsinki, it is an integral part of the metropolitan area. Vantaa is best known for the airport, which can now be accessed conveniently by train. Other well-known sites in Vantaa include Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, and the developing Aviapolis neighbourhood. The Vantaa river flows through several neighbourhoods, and there are nice outdoor tracks on its banks.

Living in Vantaa

Vantaa does not have one city centre, but the city comprises tens of neighbourhoods that have their own centres. The neighbourhoods differ greatly in terms of their atmosphere and size, which means that Vantaa has something for everyone. There are both densely populated areas in local centres for those who prefer a more urban setting and peaceful environments amidst nature a bit further away from the centres.

Lumo rental apartment in Vantaa

Versatile Vantaa is an excellent place to live. The area of Vantaa is large, and the city is popular among families with children. Vantaa is global and local at the same time. The airport makes Vantaa global, but local, Finnish nature is strongly present everywhere in the city. The airport and its surroundings are an important employment hub in Vantaa, with companies in the fields of aviation, logistics and other sectors. This makes rental apartments near the airport extremely popular.

Rental living in Aviapolis near the airport

The neighbourhoods of Pakkala, Tammisto and Veromies are part of the greater Aviapolis area. There a many jobs and rental apartments in the area, including fully new apartments. The atmosphere of Aviapolis is innovative, and the connections are excellent to all directions. Other neighbourhoods with Lumo rental apartments near Aviapolis include characteristic Kartanonkoski and cosy Leinelä.

Lumo apartment by the railway in Vantaa

Koivukylä is a traditional residential area with apartment buildings near nature and the main railway. The apartment buildings in Korso are also mainly located in a green environment, and the area is currently being developed into a more functional and comfortable district. The green neighbourhood of Asola is located next to Koivukylä, and next to Korso there is also Metsola.

These areas offer local services and good transportation connections. The extensive green areas and beaches to the east of Koivukylä are important for the residents of the area.

Living near nature in western Vantaa

MyyrmäkiMartinlaakso and Kaivoksela are the neighbourhoods with the most residents in Vantaa, and new apartments are still being constructed in all three. Myyrmäki is the centre of western Vantaa, with extensive public and commercial services.

The Lumo rental apartments in western Vantaa are popular both among single people and families. There are also some Lumo apartments in Varisto, Askisto and Hämeenkylä, quiet neighbourhoods that appeal particularly to families.

Pähkinärinne is a pleasant neighbourhood in western Vantaa. Apartment buildings are the prevalent housing type, but nature is still strongly present for the residents. Lake Lammaslampi is located near Pähkinärinne, offering a beautiful setting for a variety of outdoor activities.

Urban housing in and around Tikkurila

Tikkurila is one of the largest urban centres in Vantaa with excellent public transportation to all directions. The airport is within 10 minutes by train and the centre of Helsinki within 20 minutes. Tikkurila is also the administrative centre of Vantaa where the most of the city’s services are located. Tikkurila has a cosy centre with a pedestrian street and a unique atmosphere, particularly in the summer. The history of Tikkurila dates back to the 16th century, when it was an important marketplace.

Tikkurila has a large population and several Lumo rental apartments. The area of Jokiniemi is located next to Tikkurila and offers comfortable housing in a peaceful environment. Simonkylä is also located near Tikkurila, at a comfortable distance. Malminiitty is a verdant neighbourhood between Simonkylä and Hiekkaharju.

Popular suburbs in eastern Vantaa

The best services in eastern Vantaa can be found in Hakunila, which also has many Lumo rental apartments. Hakkila and Länsimäki are other important residential areas. All of these neighbourhoods are quite densely constructed, but they have a country-style feel. There are apartments both in centres, near the services, and a bit further away.

Lake Kuusijärvi and Sipoonkorpi national park are among the gems of eastern Vantaa, offering versatile opportunities of outdoor activities. Many companies operate in the area of Vaarala, including the family-friendly destination Fazer, and the area is an important source of employment.

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