Picking up your keys

The maintenance company or Lumo Home Centre keeps a record of the apartment keys and hands you over the keys to your new apartment against a signed receipt. The keys are handed over to you after presenting your identification. Please note that keys cannot be handed over against a letter of authorization. If you want to order additional keys, please contact us through My Lumo or customer service.

If the resident collects an additional key directly from the locksmith, the key is signed for at the locksmith’s premises. The locksmith then delivers the signed receipt to the maintenance company. The resident is in charge of purchasing a padlock for the apartment’s storage space and can take the padlock with them when moving out of the apartment.

If a key is lost or broken

It is recommended to store and handle keys with caution. Make sure to report any lost keys to us immediately.

If a key breaks, all key parts must be delivered to the maintenance company. A replacement key is then ordered for the resident.

Returning keys

When the tenancy relationship ends, all keys must be returned to the maintenance company, unless it has been locally agreed that the keys will be returned to the Lumo Home Centre.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement, the potential security deposit will be returned to the resident after the apartment keys have been returned.

If the resident fails to return all apartment keys by the end of the tenancy relationship, the apartment’s locks will be rekeyed once the tenancy relationship ends. In such a case, the former resident will be charged for the rekeying of locks.

Lumo Key courier service

Make your move easier and save time and effort by ordering the keys to your new home to a place that suits you best with the Lumo key courier service! You can also facilitate when moving out and request that your keys be picked up at a convenient location.

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Access control systems and the information they collect

Kojamo's properties use access control systems. The personal data collected by the systems can be used for reviewing event information for the locks, for example, to investigate possible vandalism or break-ins or to restrict passage through certain doors. The lock cases do not contain key holder information, and this information will also not be linked to the access data except in the situations mentioned.

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