Waste management and recycling

Effective waste management is a chain with many links. As a resident, you are one of the most important links. The primary goal is to prevent waste from being generated. When you are shopping, choose products that leave as little waste as possible. With a little effort, you can make your waste sorting at home effective by separating the types of waste that should be disposed of in different containers. When waste inevitably gets generated, it is important for the building to have effective waste management arrangements.

We ensure that waste collection and recycling containers as well as waste disposal room and shelters are provided for our residents. The maintenance company is responsible for the condition and cleanliness of the waste collection facilities, while the waste management company ensures that waste transport operations are carried out appropriately. Please make sure that there are no out-of-place items or parked cars blocking the path of the waste collection vehicles. Filling the waste containers evenly and neatly is important for maintaining the cleanliness of the waste disposal room.

Items that don’t belong in the waste disposal room, such as furniture and home appliances, must be taken to the recycling station by the residents themselves. An item that has become unnecessary to you is often exactly what someone else is looking for! Recycling centres, flea markets and online marketplaces such as tori.fi are convenient ways to get rid of things you no longer need. Taking items into waste disposal rooms that do not belong there clutters up the room, and the regular waste collection vehicles will not pick up such items. Separate pick-up needs to be ordered for such items, and that is expensive.

Sorting waste conserves natural resources and reduces the amount of landfill waste. It also reduces the building’s shared waste bill.

There are building-specific differences in waste sorting instructions. You can find the instructions in the vicinity of the waste collection containers or the waste shelter. Your property manager can also provide you with waste sorting instructions. Waste sorting also varies by municipality. You can find links to the general guidelines on this page. However, in every municipality and building, hazardous waste must always be separated from other waste.

Notify the maintenance company if:

  • The waste disposal room is always cluttered or dirty.
  • You see pests such as rats or cockroaches.
  • The waste collection containers get filled up too quickly or remain empty.

Avoid, reduce, sort, recycle! This is how we can work together to make our buildings and environment more pleasant to be in.

Information on hazardous waste

Sorting instructions

Regional waste management services