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  • Lauttasaari, Helsinki




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    Rental apartments Lauttasaari, Helsinki

    Search results 9 apartments

    1. Luoteisväylä 18-20 C 7Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 1177 €/month
      • 3/4 floor, elevator
      • 2H+K, 46, balcony

      Vacant on 1.4.2023

    2. Lauttasaarentie 27 A 14Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 1239 €/month
      • 4/4 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KK, 42,5

      The apartment is vacant

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    4. Melkonkatu 12 B 20Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 1179 €/month
      • 4/8 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KK, 39, balcony

      Vacant on 1.3.2023

    5. Lielahdentie 8 as. 4Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 1209 €/month
      • 1/4 floor, elevator
      • 2H+K, 51, balcony

      Vacant on 1.3.2023

    6. Luoteisväylä 18-20 B 8Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 927 €/month
      • 3/4 floor, elevator
      • 1H+KK, 29,5

      The apartment is vacant

    7. Melkonkatu 12 B 27Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 1540 €/month
      • 5/8 floor, elevator
      • 3H+K+S, 56,5, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    8. Melkonkatu 12 B 18Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 1265 €/month
      • 4/8 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KK, 48,5, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

    9. Lauttasaarentie 27 A 11Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 999 €/month
      • 3/4 floor, elevator
      • 1H+KK, 30

      The apartment is vacant

    10. Melkonkatu 12 B 9Lauttasaari, Helsinki

      • 1540 €/month
      • 2/8 floor, elevator
      • 3H+K+S, 56,5, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

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    The island of Lauttasaari is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Helsinki. Lauttasaari has beautiful nature and an active local community, and it is located in the immediate vicinity of central Helsinki.

    Rental apartments in Lauttasaari close to everything

    The quiet neighbourhood of Lauttasaari is easy to reach both from Helsinki and Espoo. Helsinki city centre can be reached in five minutes by metro or easily by foot or bicycle.

    The happy island

    Lauttasaari is known as “the happy island” among the locals for a good reason. The area has a strong sense of community, and people tend to live there for a long time. There are local sports clubs, day care centres and a school in the area. In recent years, the selection of services has increased in Lauttasaari, thanks to shopping centre Lauttis.

    The diverse nature around Lauttasaari can be enjoyed regardless of the season, both on land and at sea. The walking trails that run around the coastline cover a distance of slightly over 10 kilometres.

    Rental apartments in Lauttasaari close to everything

    In Lauttasaari you get to enjoy great transport links to both Helsinki and Espoo. Thanks to the western metro line, the trip to central Helsinki takes only about five minutes. You can also easily walk or cycle to the centre.

    You can easily enjoy the scenery of Lauttasaari even as a resident of the neighboring districts. Among the rental apartments in Helsinki, for example rental apartments in Jätkäsaari are right around the corner: Lauttasaari can be easily reached even by boat.

    If you fell in love with Lauttasaari's coastal feel and greenery, also check out the rental apartments in nearby Lehtisaari. From Lehtisaari, you can quickly reach Lauttasaari's jogging paths via Kaskisaari. There are also cozy homes in Espoo  near Lauttasaari. For example, Tapiola's rental apartments are located only about ten minutes away from the happy island, along the Länsimetro route.