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  • Munkkiniemi, Helsinki




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    Munkkiniemi is a popular residential area located by the sea, near the centre of Helsinki but still close to nature.

    A quiet and pleasant area, Munkkiniemi is home to vast, beautiful green areas. The area also has a great selection of culture and nice cafés, and there are walking and cycling routes along the shore. In the winter, you may even be able to walk on the ice.

    Munkkiniemi offers services and recreational activities for people of all ages. The district is home to the Finnish-language Munkkiniemi primary school and the private Munkkiniemi school, which includes grades 7–9 and an upper secondary school. Munkkiniemi is also home to the Swedish-language schools Munksnäs lågstadieskola and Munksnäs högstadieskola.

    A rental apartment in Munkkiniemi

    The area has good transport links. The area is connected to central Helsinki by local buses and tram line 4, and there are also good transport links to Kuusisaari and Otaniemi in Espoo. The area of apartment buildings is located around the Munkkiniemen puistotie street.

    The old part of Munkkiniemi is a great example of 1930s architecture, and the area has been popular among top experts, influencers and artists for many decades. The historically interesting Munkkiniemi manor and Kalastajatorppa are located in the area, and the north-western part of the district includes the wonderful Munkinpuisto park with ponds and open fields.

    Lumo has a wide selection of rental apartments in Helsinki. If Munkkiniemi interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Meilahti, Munkkivuori and Lehtisaari.