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    Located at the crossing of the metro line and the Ring I highway, Myllypuro has great transport links to all directions. The Myllypuro district also offers a very wide selection of services.

    Myllypuro’s local shopping centre was recently rebuilt, and the shopping centre of Itäkeskus is just one metro stop away. There are excellent opportunities for recreation and outdoor activities. The area is home to Liikuntamylly and Pallomylly, the best public indoor sports facilities in Helsinki, which offer an exceptional selection of activities. The vast park between Myllypuro and Puotinharju contains, for instance, football fields, children’s playgrounds, a dog park and paved and gravel walking paths.

    A rental apartment close to the Myllypuro metro station

    The district of Myllypuro was named after a small mill that stood next to an outlet ditch from the fields of Viikki. In the 1950s, Myllypuro was still a mostly undeveloped district with forests and rocky areas. In the 1960s, as the population of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area grew, apartment buildings began to be built in Myllypuro. The Myllypuro metro station was opened in 1986. The journey from Myllypuro to Helsinki Central Station takes only 16 minutes. The Lumo homes in Myllypuro are located close to the metro station, ensuring excellent transport links to the city centre.

    There is also a lot of new construction going on in Myllypuro. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences opened its new Myllypuro campus in 2019 and it is now used by 6,000 students. The Myllypuro shopping centre was also fully renovated at the turn of the 2010s. In the 2020s, Myllypuro will also see the construction of an entirely new residential neighbourhood called Karhukallio. Karhukallio translates to bear rock, and the street names in the new neighbourhood – such as Karhuemontie and Karhunpojankuja – will reflect the bear theme.

    Lumo has a wide selection of rental apartments in Helsinki. If Myllypuro interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Itäkeskus and Vartiokylä as well as in Kurkimäki and Kontula.