Sustainability in Lumo homes

In a Lumo home you live sustainably. We have a large team of professionals to take care of your home and house and make it easy for you to act sustainably in your everyday life. We hope you'll enjoy a sustainable lifestyle with us for a long time to come.

When living in a Lumo home

• You might not need your own car – thanks to the wide range of services and good public transport links nearby.
• The electricity used in the common areas of your building is 100% carbon-neutral.
• Your house is already or will soon be heated by renewable energy sources.
• You will have a wide range of waste sorting and recycling opportunities at your disposal.
• You can take advantage of the Lumo services promoting a sustainable lifestyle.
• You can influence your housing and the sense of community in your building.
• You are on an equal footing with our other residents.

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Sustainable home in a sustainable city

We build Lumo homes in growth centres, in locations with good public transport connections and services. In all of our construction projects, we take the environmental impacts into consideration and pursue energy efficiency without compromising on the comfort of the residents.

We build all Lumo homes close to good public transport connections and a wide range of services, taking into account the different needs of different people.

We carry out our construction projects in such a way that the environmental impact of construction is taken into account and minimised where possible. We build buildings that are as durable, low-carbon and material- and energy-efficient as possible.

We create safe, healthy and comfortable Lumo homes where our residents can live a long and sustainable lifestyle.

All are welcome

Our sustainable homes and responsible lifestyle are freely available for rent from the Lumo webstore. Satisfaction guarantee, naturally. We are happy to help you find the right home for yourself.

All our residents are on an equal footing with each other – regardless of their gender, age, ethnic background, national origin, religion or, for example, sexual orientation.

To ensure a safe and comfortable living environment, we have house rules that all our residents must follow. You can find the most important things to remember about living in Lumo in the Lumo Resident's Guide. The guide is available in nine different languages.

We maintain the common good by actively communicating with our residents in several languages.

Familiarise yourself with the Lumo Resident’s Guide

Safe and comfortable living

Living in a Lumo home is safe and comfortable. We ensure that the indoor environment of our apartments is healthy and pleasant. We invest in lighting that is energy-efficient and promotes safety.

We work together with our extensive network of partners to ensure that yards are pleasant and safe to walk through. We will intervene in disruptive behaviour where necessary.

Our residents also have the opportunity to influence the solutions for common areas and living comfort through a variety of activities such as resident surveys, yard work days and Lumo team activities.

Resident cooperation and community spirit

We encourage our residents to participate in building the common good and maintaining a sense of community through the Lumo team.

For example, a Lumo team of residents can organise a joint residents' event for the residents of their own house or neighbourhood, set up an urban garden in the yard or on the roof terrace, or order a barbecue and picnic food for a communal yard work event.

Would you like to get involved? Join a Lumo team!

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Responsible energy use

In all Lumo buildings, we use fully carbon-neutral hydropower-certified electricity to illuminate common areas and yards, heat the shared saunas, run the washing machines in the washing room and power the ventilation systems.

In addition, almost 100 Lumo buildings are heated by carbon-neutral district heating, electricity or geothermal heat, in other words, renewable energy sources – and we are continuously increasing the use of renewable energy sources for heating Lumo buildings.

The indoor temperature of nearly 28,000 Lumo homes is controlled with an AI-enabled IoT solution. The solution uses predictive artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the heating of a building according to the actual temperature inside the apartments as well as the weather forecast, preventing excessive heating – ensuring comfort and optimising energy consumption.

We encourage and guide Lumo residents to moderate their water consumption and monitor consumption remotely to ensure early detection of potential water leaks.

We encourage everyone to participate in climate action

20–30% of the carbon footprint of a person living in Finland comes from housing, i.e. heating, electricity, water consumption and household waste.

The carbon footprint of one person living in Finland is about 10,000 CO2 per year. This is the equivalent of driving more than 70,000 km or heating more than 2,000 electric saunas.

To curb global warming, the carbon footprint of people living in Finland should be reduced by as much as three quarters, to 2,500 CO2 per person by 2030. This is everyone’s duty.

Test how sustainable your lifestyle is with the Lumo homes carbon footprint test. Get tips tailored to you for more sustainable housing and living.

Test your carbon footprint

We recycle together

Lumo homes have comprehensive waste sorting facilities, and we expect all our residents to carefully sort and recycle different types of waste: plastic, carton, cardboard, biowaste, glass and metal.

Recycling guidelines can be found via the My Lumo service. In addition, we organise clean-ups in the courtyards of Lumo buildings, giving our residents the opportunity to recycle even larger items.

Our goal is to increase the waste recycling rate in Lumo buildings to 55%. We have increased our waste recycling guidance and communication on recycling.

Sorting and recycling instructions

Lumo services help you live more sustainably

When living in a Lumo building, you can improve the sustainability of your housing and lifestyle through Lumo services.

Among other things, our residents have access to a variety of communal facilities and vehicles. The choice varies from building to building, and the Lumo portfolio of services is constantly being expanded.

Did you know that, as a Lumo resident, you can participate in climate action by offsetting the carbon footprint of your heating.

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Looking to the future with a sustainability programme

The sustainability programme comprises the following four focus areas: sustainable urban development, delivering the best customer experience, a responsible corporate citizen, and the most competent personnel and a dynamic place to work.

The energy consumption of all Lumo buildings will be carbon-neutral by 2030.

A sustainable lifestyle

Do you want to live a sustainable lifestyle? Click here for Lumo Homes' tips for sustainable living.

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