How can I find a suitable apartment?

How can I find a suitable apartment?

We have a total of approximately 35,000 Lumo rental apartments in all of the major cities in Finland. Nearly all of the currently vacant and soon-to-be vacant Lumo apartments are listed on the Lumo webstore, where you can search for apartments on the search page: At a minimum, your search criteria must include the location of the apartment, but you can also specify your desired size and the maximum monthly rent. You can click on Show more search criteria to choose additional search criteria, such as the apartment’s equipment or local services.

If your search produces only a few results, you can try to broaden your search criteria. For example, you can expand your search to include apartments in a neighbouring area.

If you find a suitable apartment in the webstore, you can usually rent it immediately.

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Search alert

If you can’t find a suitable apartment right now, you can create a search alert to be among the first to hear about new apartments matching your search criteria as they become available.

When you set up a search alert, you will automatically receive notifications of new vacant apartments in the webstore that match your search criteria. The notifications are sent in as little as one hour from the apartment being added to the webstore. Search alerts are valid for one month at a time, but you can choose to extend their validity. You can modify or cancel your search alert at any time by clicking the link provided at the end of the e-mail messages.

Who knows, maybe your future home will become vacant tomorrow!

Set up a search alert

Light application

When you set up a search alert, you can also send us a light application to request our help in finding a new home for you. Our sales representative will be notified of what kind of apartment you are looking for and they will contact you as soon as a suitable one is found. Light applications are valid for one month a a time.

In addition, you will also receive notifications of newly vacant apartments in your e-mail inbox through the search alert service. We are here to help you!

Set up a search alert and create a light application

Creating a light application requires identity verification and we will also check your credit and customer information. The information provided in your application will be entered in our customer register.