How do I rent an apartment?

All of the apartments listed in the Lumo webstore are either currently vacant or will soon become vacant. When you find what you’re looking for, you can either rent it directly or submit an application for the apartment. In either case, we hope you will find a new home that suits your needs and that you will remain a Lumo customer for a long time!

Rent an apartment yourself in the Lumo webstore

If the apartment is available for rent immediately, you can rent it directly via the Lumo webstore.

Renting an apartment is secure and convenient:

  • The Lumo webstore offers customers the opportunity to choose and rent an apartment immediately and with no additional fees. We do not use agents and there is no commission.
  • You can rent an apartment 24/7, regardless of your location.
  • We do not require a security deposit. You simply need to pay the first month’s rent or a reservation fee when you rent the apartment.
  • Because you don’t get to see the apartment in person until after you rent it, we offer you a satisfaction guarantee: you have the opportunity to cancel the agreement if the apartment does not correspond to the information provided or if it is not suitable for you.
  • You will be given immediate access to the My Lumo service, where you can find your tenancy agreement as well as convenient tools for handling all housing-related matters.
  • You can move in on the date you select as the starting date of your tenancy agreement. For apartments that are not yet completed, you can move in after the date of completion. If you are moving from one Lumo home to another, your moving date and notice period are negotiable.

Find and rent your new home

Open application

If you don’t want to rent an apartment directly or you are still undecided, you can also submit an open application. Our sales representatives will be notified of what kind of apartment you are looking for and they will contact you as soon as a suitable one is found. Your application is valid for two months. The information provided in your application will be entered in our customer register. 

However, you should note that we can’t reserve a vacant apartment listed in the webstore for you. If you want to make sure that you get exactly the apartment you want, you need to make the decision to rent it immediately. Fortunately, our satisfaction guarantee gives you the right to cancel the tenancy agreement when you visit the apartment for the first time.

Submit an application

Search alert

If your dream home is not vacant at the moment, you can set a search alert to receive an e-mail notification when a suitable apartment is about to become available. You will be the first to know when your future dream home can be rented.

Seet up a search alert

Apartment application for asset-limited apartments

When renting apartments from some of our buildings, we comply with the tenant selection criteria of the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA. This means the applicant’s income, assets and the need for an apartment are taken into consideration. In the Lumo webstore apartment search, the listings show the “asset limit” indication for these apartments. The apartments with restricted tenant selection cannot be rented directly through the Lumo webstore, but you can submit an application for them.

In addition to these apartments, some apartments that would normally be available for rent directly through the webstore may be temporarily only available by application.

How applications for apartments are processed

  • We will contact you if we are able to offer a suitable apartment to you. We do not use a queueing system, so the status of your application does not change at any stage of the process.
  • The time it takes to find an apartment for you depends on factors such as the number of available apartments and your wishes regarding your future home.
  • Your application is valid for three months. You can update the application by submitting a new application within the three-month period. The updated application will automatically replace your previous application.
  • The security deposit is generally €250. A negative credit rating has an effect on the amount of the rental deposit.

Editing apartment application

It is not possible to edit a sent apartment application online afterwards, but you can simply send us a new application - it will automatically overwrite your previous application.

View vacant asset-limited apartments