1. Petonen
  2. Pyörönkaari 24
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Pyörönkaari 24 B 33

Petonen, 70820 Kuopio

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Built in: 1995

The apartment is vacant

  • 888 €/month
  • Security deposit 0 €
  • 75
  • Apartment building, 3H+K+S
  • Non-smoking apartment
  • 5/5 floor
  • Water fee 24 €/person/month
  • Glazed balcony
  • Own sauna
  • Additionally: walk-in closet, separate WC, heated storage, dishwasher
  • Elevator
  • Parking spaces vacant 16 pcs ›
  • Additionally: bicycle storage, laundry room, drying room, storage cages

Vuokrataan tilava kolmio palveluiden viereltä Petoselta!


Tässä Lumo-kodissa on tilava pohjaratkaisu. Keittiön päätyyn mahtuu hyvin ruokapöytä. Toisesta makuuhuoneesta löytyy vaatehuone ja toisesta on pääsy asunnon parvekkeelle. Omassa saunassa lämmittelet oman aikataulusi mukaan. Arkea helpottaa erillinen wc.

Kodissa on harmaa laminaattilattia ja maalatut seinät. Keittiässä on puun sävyiset kaapinovet ja valkoiset välitilan laatat sekä työtasot. Keittiön varustukseen kuuluu astianpesukone. Kylpyhuoneessa on harmaa muovimatto ja seinät ovat pääosin valkoista laattaa.

Seinissä voi esiintyä normaaleja asumisen jälkiä. Kotia voi halutessaan maalata Lumo-värikartan sävyillä itse – me tarjoamme maalit ja tarvikkeet.

Vuokraa tämäkin koti verkkokaupastamme!

About the area


Kuopio is the heart of northern Savo. It is a lively and laid-back city of lakes and culture. It is one of the favourite cities of residence among Finns. It is also a university city with an active student life. Kuopio has many cosy rental apartments in excellent locations for different needs.

In the summer, the city becomes a busy hub of different events, including the Kuopio Dance Festival, the Kuopio Wine Festival and Kuopiorock. Nature in and around Kuopio is beautiful also in the winter, when the city’s skiing tracks and the slopes of ski centre Tahko welcome people to enjoy winter sports. Kuopio is a popular destination for domestic tourism. The traditional local delicacy known as kalakukko is a must for every visitor.

Surrounded by lakes, close to services

Few cities in Finland can offer what Kuopio has to offer: Gorgeous views of Lake Kallavesi, close to excellent services and opportunities. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around Kuopio by taking a lake cruise from the passenger harbour.

As a city, Kuopio is human-scale – everything is located conveniently near by foot, bicycle, car or bus. To ensure the continued success of Kuopio as a comfortable living environment surrounded by nature, the area is being constantly developed.

Cosy Lumo rental housing in Kuopio

Most of the houses in Kuopio are located in quiet suburban neighbourhoods that are close to nature and equipped with good services and public transport connections. There are many pleasant Lumo homes across Kuopio, catering for a variety of needs. There are rental apartments for both single people, couples and larger families.

The Kuopio town centre is the heart of the city and a compact residental area full of services. A few kilometres from the town centre, the Puijonlaakso, Kelloniemi, Maljalahti and Männistö districts have many rental apartments. The connections to the town centre and other areas are very good.

The homes in Puijonlaakso are mostly apartment buildings. There is a wide range of opportunities for outdoor recreation and hobbies in Puijo. Further east, in Männistö, you can also find good sports facilities and a beach. The quiet district is great for families with children. In addition to the sports opportunities, the area has many schools and playgrounds. Most of the homes in this area are detached houses and terraced homes. North of Puijonlaakso, Rypysuo offers good rental housing opportunities with bus connections and sports facilities.

When you head southwest from the town centre, you reach Neulamäki, an area consisting of residential and industrial zones next to Kuopio Science Park. The Lumo rental apartments in this area are close to the services of Neulamäki, including day-care centres, schools, a library, a maternity and child health clinic and a dental clinic. The area is popular among senior citizens as well as families and students.

In southern Kuopio, you can find a range of housing options in the park-like district of Petonen, which has grown into an active residential area with its own character. There are many services around Itsenäisyydenaukio square and there are various residential areas around it with more than 20 kilometres of paths through parks.

Study in the Kuopio region

The University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Vocational College offer a wide range of programmes ranging from basic studies to doctoral degrees. There are Lumo rental apartments for students, including apartments that are suitable for sharing.

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Articles about the area

All services

Lumo-living includes

  • DNA Netti broadband
  • Pets welcome
  • Security deposit 0 €
  • Free decoration paints
  • Customer events
  • Lumo team
  • Flexible exchange from one Lumo home to another
  • My Lumo service

Fee-based services

  • Zero-carbon heating
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Move out cleaning service
  • Moving service
  • Moving boxes
  • Home insurance
  • Order a dishwasher
  • Self storage renting
  • Shared car
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House information
Pyörönkaari 24

Kaikki tämän kerrostalon huoneistot ovat saunallisia ja parvekkeellisia. Tämän hissillisen talon ääreltä löytyvät peruspalvelut ja Pyörön terveysasema toimii rakennuksen katutasossa. Asukkaiden yhteiskäytössä ovat maksuton pesutupa ja kuivaushuone.

Lumo-asukkaana saat enemmän

Lumo-vuokrakodit tarjoavat turvallista ja ympäristöystävällistä asumista sekä parhaat asumisen palvelut.

Saat Lumo-palvelut ja Lumo-asukkaan edut käyttöösi My Lumo -palvelun kautta. Tutustu tarkemmin: lumo.fi/palvelut
Basic house info
  • Building type: Apartment building
  • Completion: 1995
  • Energy rating: C2007
  • Cable TV (DVB-C): DNA
  • Broadband: DNA 50 Mbit/s
Shared facilities of the house: Bicycle storage, laundry room, drying room, storage cages


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