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Active and compact Kuopio

Anne Partanen lives in the centre of Kuopio, on the shore of Lake Kallavesi. What she likes in her hometown is the city’s proximity to nature, but Kuopio is also a continuously developing city.


“Kuopio is an active, green and compact city where nature is near. I live with my husband at the port, or in other words, on the lakeside in the centre, from where it takes only 15 minutes to walk to the market square,” says Anne Partanen.

Kuopio is also a city of education, and students coming from other parts of Finland and the world bring their own colour to the city life.

“This is a relaxed but evolving city. In recent years, a lot of nice new restaurants have been opened in the city centre. A new swimming hall is under construction, and there are also plans for a new football stadium.” The city also has a diverse cultural offering, such as the Kuopio Dance Festival in summer.

Partanen has lived in Kuopio for almost all of her life, since before she reached school age. The only times she has spent out of Kuopio were her five years of studies in Jyväskylä and one year in Paris. Kuopio was a clear choice for a place of residence after her studies, and Partanen also found a permanent job there.

Anne Partanen enjoys the outdoor recreation opportunities offered by Kuopio all year round.

“I got my primary and secondary education here, and this is where my friends and family live. My husband is also from Kuopio. It’s also easy to get anywhere in the world from here if you so desire,” Partanen says.

Partanen’s hobbies include riding and jogging. As her favourite place, she names the Väinölänniemi recreation and sports area next to the centre of the city, where she goes jogging several times a week.

“The nature and the proximity of the lake make it my mindscape. There are long outdoor trails running along the shore of Lake Kallavesi, and you can stop for a swim in the lake. There is even an ice-swimming place for those interested in it. Puijo, also located near the city centre, is often considered the landmark of Kuopio. Puijo offers not only skiing and ski jumping venues, but also excellent nature trails.”


The centre of Kuopio is the heart of the city. In the city centre, centred around the market square, you can find the theatres, museums, cinemas, swimming hall, bowling alley and many other services.


Kuopio has well-functioning public connections to all parts of Finland. The local transport system carries people from one part of the city to another.


Anne Partanen hints that Kuopio offers plenty of exercising opportunities for those interested in outdoor activities. There are outdoor trails running along the shore of Lake Kallavesi, where you can stop for a swim or take a dip in a hole in the ice. Another paradise for an outdoor enthusiast is Puijo, where there are not only skiing and ski jumping venues, but also beautiful nature trails.

20.6.2019 (Modified 29.7.2021)

Text Päivi Maaniitty

Images Jesse Karjalainen

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