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10 good reasons to choose rental housing

In recent years, rental apartments have become significantly more popular, and it’s no wonder. Nowadays, when you rent an apartment, you can get much more than simply the apartment.


An increasing number of people choose a rental apartment instead of owner-occupied housing, as people want flexibility, comfort and everyday ease out of their accommodation.

1. You can buy the home of your dreams on an online store

What if you could choose the perfect home for yourself in the same way as shopping for clothes or shoes online? Believe it or not, online shopping is now a real option when renting an apartment. Renting an apartment online is easy. Once you find the apartment for you, you can move on with the process without applications, feverish waiting periods, deposits, real estate agents or commission fees. How convenient!

There is no need for you to worry about different types of contracts, financing decisions or taxes in the way that you do with purchasing owner-occupied housing. If you want, you can also move into your new home even on short notice. At best, you could even get the keys to your the home of your dreams the following day.

Rent a Lumo home easily

Once you find the right house for you, it’s only natural that you’d want to get it right away! On Lumo’s online store, you can rent an apartment in just fifteen minutes. There, you can secure the home of your dreams for the price of a small deposit or by paying your first month’s rent. When renting online, you also get satisfaction guarantees, similar to those you get when exchanging or returning shoes online. You can cancel your rental agreement free of charge in connection with the tour of the apartment if the apartment doesn’t feel right or suit your needs as you had expected.

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2. Homes for every taste

A small apartment, an apartment with a glazed balcony, an apartment in the heart of the city or in lush suburbs. Rental apartments have increased in popularity, and there are many options enabling you to find exactly the right home for you. Those in search of a rental apartment can find a home that best suits their individual preference and lifestyle. The options range from state-of-the-art skyscrapers in the city center to renovated classics in high-value buildings, pet-friendly apartments located near nature trails and idyllic wooden apartment buildings for those who value sustainable options. Absolutely wonderful!

Perfect Lumo home for you

Currently, there are around 37,000 Lumo homes, and hundreds of new homes are being built each year. Lumo’s comfortable homes are located in the best locations in the largest cities in Finland. With the extensive and diverse range of Lumo homes, you are sure to find the perfect home for you. And when your life situation and requirements for your home change, moving between Lumo homes is flexible as well.

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3. Live in the city center without millions in debt

It’s a fact that the prices of apartments have increased in general in recent years, and people often wonder how anyone can afford to live in the city center or in the most popular residential areas. The answer is by renting an apartment. You can live in a home that you might not otherwise be able to afford, at least in your current life situation. So, there is no need to lose sleep over a gigantic mortgage or look at your coworkers in envy, wondering how ever they could afford to live in their beautiful home in Katajanokka, Helsinki. The home of your dreams may be well within your reach after all!

Lumo homes in the best urban spots

Lumo homes give you a chance to enjoy the best aspects of city life. Lumo houses are located in the best urban hotspots, with diverse services and good accessibility. You can also easily get to the various events and cultural happenings that the city has to offer.

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4. No need for you to handle all the renovation work

Oh no, it’s clogged again... What to do when your toilet is clogged, the dishwasher isn’t working or the door handle comes off when you open the door? If you’re living in a rental apartment, there’s no need for you to handle the renovation work or MacGyver up a solution.

In rental apartments, maintenance is done for you and you always have access to professionals for tips or help. So, worry not. Instead of cutting the grass or shoveling the snow, you can take a nice nap and let the professionals handle the chores for you. Talk about easy living!

Lumo – easy living

The residents of Lumo homes have access to the building’s designated property managers and competent maintenance companies, which are there to ensure that the residents can enjoy a smooth daily life. Residents can submit maintenance reports online through the My Lumo service during any time of day. Through the residents’ My Lumo online service, you can flexibly handle all matters related to your home, also on your mobile. In addition, you have access to service and housing support, who are always ready to help you with any housing-related questions or challenges.

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5. Do you feel anxious about the environment but don’t know how to deal with it?

Did you leave the water running again while brushing? Whoopsie. Is your home filled to the brim with all sorts of things you should probably recycle? Do you feel anxious about the environment but don’t know how to deal with it? Housing choices have a considerable environmental impact, as a third of the average carbon footprint of Finns is related to housing. This includes heating, electricity, water consumption and household waste.

When living in a rental apartment, you generally have a more compact living space than in an owner-occupied apartment, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint. Housing companies play a key role in reducing emissions. Responsible property managers make sustainable everyday life possible and also make it easy for residents to take sustainability action themselves. Toward a better tomorrow!

Live sustainably in a Lumo home

At Lumo homes, long-term work is done to improve the sustainability and quality of urban living. Lumo homes are built to last. They are also low carbon and material- and energy-efficient. To an increasing extent, Lumo homes make use of carbon-neutral district heating, completely carbon-neutral water-certified property electricity and smart energy saving solutions.

Ecological choices have been made easy for the residents, and the recycling options are extensive as well. Lumo home residents can also make their own living and lifestyle choices more sustainable by making use of the services Lumo has to offer. For example, they can use commonly shared cars or take advantage of public transportation in the area.

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6. Rental apartments are like candy shops – there’s a little something for everyone

What if you could get a blazing-fast broadband for your home free of charge that you could use to watch Netflix all day long or participate in video conference calls while the kids are playing PlayStation? At best, rental apartments give their residents much more than simply the the walls, floor and a roof over your head.

For instance, there are various housing services and benefits available for the residents free of charge, such as internet access, washing rooms, gyms, shared facilities and parcel lockers. Some professional lessors also provide an extensive range of paid additional services that make housing and everyday life so much easier. A blissful existence!

Extensive selection of Lumo services

In Lumo homes, residents can enjoy an extensive selection of services, which are constantly developed in cooperation with Lumo residents. Fast internet access and interior paints and painting equipment are included in the rent.

Residents have convenient access to various paid additional services, such as moving services, key courier and shared cars, so they do not have to worry about the expensive maintenance of owned cars or pay monthly parking space fees. The residents of Lumo homes can order installation services, apartment cleaning services, charging service for their electric or hybrid car or rent additional storage space at affordable resident prices.

What if you wanted to organize a birthday party for your child but your own apartment was too small? Many Lumo homes have different shared spaces and clubrooms that can accommodate various resident needs.

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7. Flexibility during changing life situations

Maybe you’re expecting to add a child to your family, your child is leaving the nest, you need more room for your shoes, there is a divorce or you find a new partner with whom you want to build a life together. Life is unpredictable. There are ups and downs along the way. As life situations can change suddenly, so can your housing space needs. When living in a rental apartment, it’s easier to move from one home to another according to one’s life situation. All it takes is a short online shopping session. Easy and effortless!

Switching Lumo homes is easy

With Lumo homes, changing apartments has been made as easy as possible. When moving from one home to another, the moving date and period of notice can be negotiated flexibly. Jackpot! People moving between apartments don’t have to pay for two apartments at the same time, unless they temporarily want to hold on to two apartments. To make moving easier, residents of Lumo homes can easily order various moving services.

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8. More regularity in expenses and greater savings

Leaky eaves, an approaching pipe renovation and kitchen cupboards in need of replacement. But how can one afford that when the washing machine and refrigerator broke at the same time? In owner-occupied housing, there are sudden expenses and renovation needs from time to time. This often happens right when you already have plenty of other expenses as it is. When living in a rental apartment, the expenses are more regular and easier to predict. The lessor handles the renovations and maintenance costs, and you can usually get broken household appliances replaced with new ones free of charge. More savings for you to enjoy in your life!

In Lumo home maintenance is done for you

As a Lumo home resident, the housing costs will not bring your house down and you will be notified about upcoming renovations or changes in rent sums well in advance. The property manager and maintenance personnel will tend to unforeseeable malfunctions and broken household appliances without delay.

If the walls of your home need to be repainted, as a Lumo home resident, you can make use of a paint benefit package free of charge. The package includes environmentally friendly paints as well as tools, from rollers to masking tape, for independent renovation. You can leave the big renovations to the lessor.

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9. Vive la liberté!

What could be more wonderful than planning a vacation to sunnier shores or taking up a job in Spain for half a year? Perhaps you would like more freedom to make changes in your life and move on short notice. In today’s working life, changes may come quite abruptly, which can sometimes mean having to suddenly move to another city, for example. It’s easy to both move out of and switch rental apartments. You won’t be rigidly bound to a specific apartment. Vive la liberté!

Lumo moving services at your disposal

Switching between Lumo homes is quick and easy. The residents of Lumo homes can easily move with the help of professionals or order rental moving boxes or a hand truck to help with the moving process. You can also make moving less stressful by arranging for professionals to take care of the final cleaning for your old apartment or by ordering a key courier to deliver the keys to the selected address or collect the keys for your old apartment.

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10. No need to settle for just the grumpy cat – find social contacts in the neighbourhood

Do you feel lonely, or would you like some company besides your grumpy old cat and the newscaster on your TV screen? How about a common Christmas party in the clubroom or a gardening event in the spring?

Community is one of the bigger housing trends, which shows especially when living in a rental apartment. Generally speaking, communal living means doing things together with other residents and participating in shared finances – expanding your housing and living outside the walls of your apartment to the shared building facilities, such as clubrooms and common courtyard areas. Socially, community provides a sense of belonging to a group, security, support networks and the chance to know more about other people like you who live in the same housing company and residential area.

As communal housing becomes more prevalent, many find that housing becomes more enjoyable. This tells us that people like living around other people. And what could be better than living in an apartment building where the neighbours happily greet each other, new residents are welcomed with open arms and neighbour help is always just a few steps away. Now that sounds like home!

Community in Lumo homes

In Lumo homes, the sense of community is created by comfortable facilities and the residents’ Lumo teams that make housing more enjoyable by organising common events and activities for all the residents. If planning activities and doing things together is something that interests you, feel free to join in on the fun.

For running the Lumo teams, each team is granted monetary support by Lumo, which the teams can use to make their ideas come to life, whether it be common resident events and parties, gardening and tools for a blossoming garden or a pool table for the clubroom.

When the spirits are high in the community, the residents are also more than happy to stay in their Lumo homes for a longer period. Lumo’s housing support is there for you whenever you need help with keeping the peace with your neighbours and ensuring that the atmosphere stays pleasant and harmonious.

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Rent a Lumo home and make it your own!Rent a Lumo home and make it your own!

Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

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