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Lumo homes are in good hands

This very moment, a large crew of professionals are working hard to make your life in your Lumo home as good as possible.


When the goal is to provide comfortable living and high-quality services for every Lumo resident, you need professionals of different trades. In daily life, the most visible are the Lumo customer service, buildings’ property managers and maintenance companies. However, plenty of other experts are needed, too, to maintain the properties and ensure that they are cozy and comfortable.

Pasi Kujansuu, Director of Kojamo’s Property Services unit, counts that the maintenance partner network of one Lumo property may include up to 30 companies.

“Many of the partners take care of the maintenance and repairs of technical systems. Taking care of a specific thing often requires a specialised expert.”

They are often called to the rescue when a building’s ventilation or heating system requires maintenance. In addition, ensuring the operations of the elevator, locks or the building’s security systems are jobs for specialised experts.

Conductor of a partner network

Managing and leading a large network require professional expertise. According to Kujansuu, Kojamo’s role could be compared to that of a symphony orchestra’s conductor whose job is to make all the musicians to play seamlessly together for the enjoyment of the listeners.

The high quality standards of Kojamo’s own operations also apply to partners.

“For instance, we have used a property maintenance quality control system for a long time. The goal of the system is to improve customer satisfaction and ensure the careful maintenance of the properties. Quality is measured on property inspection carried out on the premises and a resident satisfaction survey conducted four times a year.”

According to Kujansuu, all customer feedback is valuable. The goal is to respond to all possible problems and development ideas as quickly as possible.

Picking up the pace of the customer service

Pasi Kujansuu says that based on resident feedback, one of the key development targets has been the pace of the service.

“Residents might have expected something to be fixed sooner than we have managed to do it. Preferably, the problems must be fixed at once. We have listened to the feedback and developed the service process so that we try to send the resident’s fault report to the correct expert directly.”

“Then, the selected expert contacts the resident directly and agrees upon a repair visit.”

“A control system is widely used in Lumo buildings. It automatically adjusts the property’s heating based on the temperature measured at the apartment and weather forecast information, among other things.”

The residents have submitted positive feedback on the more direct and faster operating model, for instance, when repairing faults in water fittings.

“Previously, the property manager could have gone to see the fault and state that fixing the faucet requires a plumber with a certification. Now, we try to send at once a plumber who can take care of the matter on the first visit.”

Help from smart technology

Pasi Kujansuu says that digital solutions offer an opportunity for improving the services offered for residents further and increasing the comfort of living.

“A good example is the control system widely used in Lumo buildings. It automatically adjusts the property’s heating based on the temperature measured at the apartment and weather forecast information, among other things.”

The system prevents overheating and learns to keep the building’s temperature level more balanced than previously. This also cuts the building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

“In the future, the systems will most likely give the residents more control in adjusting the temperature of their apartments.”

The systems collect a lot of data regarding the properties’ conditions that can be used in the maintenance and repairs of the property.

“The information helps us know our properties better than before. For instance, if we notice problems with the heating of a property repeatedly, we will individually start to fix the issue and we can select the most capable partner for the job.”

In addition to immediate repairs, Kojamo estimates the repair needs of its properties in a systematic, predictive manner.

The repair need is defined with regular 
condition surveys conducted by Kojamo’s own personnel. The long-term repair plan is updated with the observations gained from the buildings.

“This also benefits the residents because we try to carry out the repairs in sensible units, with high quality and to improve the functionality, and often also the quality standard, of the property.”

21.10.2019 (Modified 11.6.2021)

Text Matti Remes

Images Amir Tahvonen ja Nora Kolari

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