Asset limits in municipalities

Renting state-subsidised apartments is subject to the tenant selection criteria of the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA. This means the applicant’s income, assets and the need for an apartment are taken into consideration. The tenant selection process gives priority to applicants without a home and others with an urgent need for an apartment as well as applicants with the least assets and lowest income.

In the case of apartment buildings subject to restricted tenant selection, your assets may affect your eligibility to rent an apartment. You are asked to provide information on your assets in the application for an apartment and, if necessary, we will request more detailed accounts of your assets when you reserve the apartment. You do not need to provide us with such accounts in advance.

Asset limits apply in all municipalities, but the levels may vary between municipalities. If the value of your assets exceeds the asset limit for the municipality where you are applying for an apartment, we can’t consider your application in the tenant selection of asset-limited apartments in the municipality in question.

Current asset limits in municipalities