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    Rental apartments Halinen, Turku

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    1. Karpiokatu 1 D 25Halinen, Turku

      • 710 €/month
      • 1/3 floor
      • 2H+KT+S, 44, balcony

      Vacant on 1.11.2022

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    Halinen is a residential area north of the city of Turku, on the upper reaches of the Aura river. The area is especially known for Halistenkoski and the dam, which are also popular fishing spots.

    Outdoor activities and basic services

    The Halinen area is characterized by many parks, large forest areas and uninhabited areas, so there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Aurajoki is also a stone's throw away, and the riverside is a popular jogging spot.

    The area has good basic services such as grocery stores, a daycare centre and an elementary school. Residents of the are can also do their shopping conveniently at the shops of the Ravattula service centre, which is nearby on the other side of the Aura river. Nearby is also the charming Koroinen shop with its cafes and, for example, the open-air museum Kuralan kylämäki, which is a nice place to spend a summer day with the family.

    Conveniently to the city centre

    The versatile services, shops and restaurants of the centre of Turku are less than five kilometers from Halinen. The transport connections in the area are good, and the centre can be reached quickly by bus. It's also nice to walk or bike along the Aurajoki bank to the centre and, for example, to the university.

    Lumo has a wide selection of rental apartments in Turku. If Halinen interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Runosmäki. If living a bit further from the centre but still close to services and good connections is appealing to you, rental apartments in Varissuo and Pääskyvuori are also worth checking out on the other side of the city centre.