Vasamatie 1 C 29

Kaakkuri, 90410 Oulu

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Built in: 1994

The apartment is vacant

  • 735 €/month
  • Security deposit 0 €
    when renting online
  • 48
  • Balcony access building, 2H+KK+S
  • Non-smoking apartment
  • 2/2 floor
  • Water fee 25 €/person/month
  • Balcony
  • Own sauna
  • Additionally: walk-in closet, heated storage
  • Parking spaces vacant 15 pcs ›
  • Additionally: shared laundry room, shared drying room

Vuokrataan kiva kaksio Oulun Kaakkurista!


Tämä Lumo-koti on toimiva pikkuasunto luhtitalon toisessa kerroksessa. Asunnossa on olohuoneen yhteydessä tilava eteläpuolen aurinkoinen parveke. Kaakkuri on sijaintina rauhallinen ja lapsiystävällinen. Asunto sopii loistavasti vaikka pariskunnalle tai pienelle perheelle, miksei omaa tilaa rakastavalle yksinasujallekin.

Asunnossa on laminaattilattia ja seinät ovat maalipinnalla. Makuuhuone on tilava ja siellä on hyvin kaappitilaa. Säilytykseen on lisäksi myös pieni vaatehuone. Keittokomeroon mahtuu pieni ruokapöytä. Kaapistot ovat valkoiset kromivetimin. Astianpesukoneelle on tilavaraus. Halutessasi voit tilata koneen meidän kauttamme hintaan 12€/kk. Tällöin Lumo vastaa astianpesukoneen kunnossapidosta, kuten muistakin asuntoon kuuluvista kodinkoneista. Kylpyhuoneessa on muovimattolattia, osalaatoitetut seinät ja paikka pyykinpesukoneelle.

Vuokraa tämäkin koti verkkokaupastamme!

About the area


The city of Oulu welcomes residents of all ages. Oulu – the oldest city in northern Finland – is famous for its industrial and technical expertise. It is also known as a university city and one of the most popular places to live in northern Finland.

With a population of more than 200,000, Oulu is a place where active people can find something to do all year round. The proximity of the sea keeps the climate surprisingly mild even during the winter.

Oulu for new residents - things to know before moving to Oulu

Oulu is the fifth largest city in Finland with over 200 000 inhabitants. The capital of Finland's northern hemisphere is located on the shores of the Bothnian Sea and the city centre is concentrated around the seashore and the Oulu River. Oulu's core city centre is small, only four blocks in size, but city like construction continues in the directions of Myllytulli, Etu-Lyötty, Meritulli and Heinäpää, among others.
The Myllytulli area combines beautiful old industrial buildings with newer residential development. Lumo homes offer rental apartments in Myllytulli. Etu-Lyötty is also a newer area, built on old railway yard sites in the city centre. Our rental apartments in Etu-Lyötty are located in a quiet, park-like area. The Meritulli rental apartments combine proximity to the sea and the city centre. Heinäpää rental apartments are older but spacious and the buildings have large courtyards. Tuira, just across the Oulu River, is one of Oulu's largest districts. Tuira's rental apartments are located close to good services and only a couple of kilometres from the city centre.  Also the buses run frequently in the area. If the central area does not appeal, you should check out the rental apartments in Kaukovainio, Hiironen and Kaakkuri to the south of the centre, and Kaijonharju and Toppila to the north.

A lush city with beautiful nature

Nature is strongly present everywhere in Oulu, and the city’s location by the Bay of Bothnia, at the mouth of river Oulujoki, makes the nature in Oulu unique. The city takes good care of its parks, and green areas such as Hupisaari park or Hallituspuisto are great places to spend one’s days off. There are plenty of ski trails to enjoy in the winter.

The Nallikari resort area and beach are a popular leisure spot among families. Another popular site in the summer is the island of Hailuoto, which has beautiful sand dunes. Varjakka in Oulunsalo and Koiteli offer excellent hiking, trekking and fishing grounds. In addition to the Oulu River, the city has a few lakes within its borders as well as the quaint Kaupunginoja stream that goes through the city centre and past an attractive park called Otto Karhin puisto. There are many islands off the river mouth.

Cultural city

Oulu is famous for the annual Oulu August Festival and several music festivals, which are held every winter. Oulu also has many museums, including Oulu Museum of Art, Turkansaari Open-Air Museum and the Old Liminka museum area. The city also has two theatres: Oulu City Theatre, Oulu Workers’ Stage and several summer theatres.

Available rental apartments in Oulu

Oulu has a diverse selection of Lumo rental apartments. Whether you are a single person looking for a compact studio apartment or a family looking for a multi-bedroom apartment, Oulu's available rental apartments have homes to suit all walks of life.

Oulu has dozens of Lumo houses and a few thousand Lumo rental apartments all over the city. You can live in a cosy Lumo home either right in the city centre or in a quiet residential area a little further away, as there are plenty of options.

You can find available Lumo rental apartments in Oulu in our web store. When you find a home that suits your needs, you can rent it online right away. You can also contact our Lumo Home Centre, which will be happy to serve you.

Easy living in central Oulu, Myllytulli or Meritulli

The Oulu city centre offers housing in a maritime environment near extensive services. The Lumo rental apartments in the city centre are located within walking distance of pedestrian street Rotuaari. The area of Myllytulli is located less than a kilometre from the centre, which means residents in this area have convenient access to all the services. The Lumo rental apartments in Myllytulli are within walking or biking distance of the sea.

Meritulli is a prestigious area right next to the city centre. It is a prime example of urban living. The Lumo rental apartments in the area are close to the market square.

Tuira - like a town within a town

Tuira is located near the centre of Oulu, and it is like a town within a town. The Lumo homes in Tuira are close to excellent services, and the area also has local day-care centres and schools.

Toppila is a family-friendly residential area right next to Tuira. Toppila has its own essential services, and Oulu Technology Village is located nearby. Alppila is located some three kilometres from the centre of Oulu, to the north of Tuira. The area used to be occupied by small-scale industries, but nowadays, it is a green residential area with modern apartment buildings.

Northeast of Toppila lies Kaijonharju with several shops and basic services. The city centre is seven kilometres away — a distance that is easily covered by bus or by cycling along the new Baana bicycle path. The University of Oulu, part of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Technopolis and the shops of Linnanmaa are all nearby. There is also an indoor sports arena and an indoor skating rink here, and an indoor swimming pool will be built in the future.

Comfortable housing in southern Oulu

Kaukovainio and Hiironen are located a few kilometres south from the city centre. There are comfortable Lumo homes of various sizes in these area, located near local services and good connections. Kaukovainio has basic services, including a grocery store, day-care centre and comprehensive school, which also houses the local public library.

The Kaakkuri neighbourhood is located close to Kaukovainio, and it is one of the largest residential areas in Oulu, consisting mainly of apartment buildings. Kaakkuri has become popular, particularly among families, and the distance to Oulu city centre is about five kilometres.

Diverse residential areas outside the city centre

Heinäpää is a nice neighbourhood about a kilometre from the city centre. It has exceptional opportunities for leisure activities and outdoor recreation. Sports venues in Heinäpää include the popular sports centre, football fields and excellent outdoor trails. There are also local schools and day-care centres.

Etu-Lyötty is located less than one kilometre from the city centre, next to Heinäpää, at a convenient distance from the shopping centres of southern Oulu. Other residential areas with Lumo rental apartments in Oulu are Linnanmaa, Puolivälinkangas, Värttö, Peltola, Rajakylä and Välivainio. All of the apartments have excellent locations near services and good transportation connections.

Lumo rental apartments in Oulu in figures

In Oulu, the 5th largest city in Finland, there are 2341 Lumo rental apartments, ranging from studios to five-room homes. In Oulu, everything is within cycling distance, regardless of the season.

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Lumo-living includes

  • DNA Netti broadband
  • Carbon footprint test
  • Pets welcome
  • Security deposit 0 €
  • Free decoration paints
  • Recommend your friend as a neighbor
  • Lumo team
  • Flexible exchange from one Lumo home to another
  • My Lumo service
  • Nextory benefit

Services for easy move

  • Zero-carbon heating
  • Electricity contract
  • Home insurance
  • Move out cleaning service
  • Moving service
  • Moving boxes
  • Order a dishwasher
  • Bicycle benefit
  • Self storage renting
  • Shared car
  • Electric car charging service
  • Home cleaning service
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House information

Vasamatie 1

Luhtitalo sijaitsee vanhan Kaakkurin puolella. Sijainti on rauhallinen puistoalueen kupeessa, ja lapsille pihapiirissä on suojaisa leikkialue.

Yhteistiloissa on maksuton pesutupa, kuivaushuone ja kerhohuone. Monipuoliset palvelut sijaitsevat uuden Kaakkurin alueella eikä lähikauppaankaan ole pitkä matka.

Lumo-asukkaana saat enemmän

Lumo-vuokrakodit tarjoavat turvallista ja ympäristöystävällistä asumista sekä parhaat asumisen palvelut.

Saat Lumo-palvelut ja Lumo-asukkaan edut käyttöösi My Lumo -palvelun kautta. Tutustu tarkemmin:

Basic house info
  • Building type: Balcony access building
  • Completion: 1994
  • Energy rating: D
  • Cable TV (DVB-C): DNA
  • Broadband: DNA 50 Mbit/s
Shared facilities of the house: Shared laundry room, shared drying room


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