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  • Masala, Kirkkonummi




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    Comfortable Kirkkonummi offers tranquil living near the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, by the Gulf of Finland. The bilingual town of Kirkkonummi is spacious, comfortable and green. What’s more, Nuuksio National Park is partly located within the borders of Kirkkonummi municipality. This seaside town offers peace and quiet, yet it is not far from the jobs, schools and universities of the capital region.

    Good connections to all directions

    Kirkkonummi is located within 30 minutes from Helsinki by train. The railway also connects Kirkkonummi with Karjaa and Turku. Buses operate between Kirkkonummi and Helsinki and other destinations frequently and smoothly. There is also a fast motorway that connects Kirkkonummi with, for instance, Helsinki Airport in about half an hour.

    The municipality of Kirkkonummi was founded in 1330, and its name (“Church moors”) probably derives from the 700-year-old stone church in the town centre. Other famous buildings in Kirkkonummi include the wooden church of Haapajärvi and Hvitträsk Manor.

    Excellent opportunities for outdoor activities in beautiful nature

    Kirkkonummi has over 60 nature reserves and almost 100 lakes, which guarantee excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. In Kirkkonummi, you can go hiking on beautiful sites or in the forest, surrounded by nature. Nuuksio National Park, Lake Meiko and Porkkala archipelago are some of the favourite attractions among locals. In the summer, Kirkkonummi boasts great beaches and boating services.

    Living in Kirkkonummi

    It is fun and easy to live in Kirkkonummi. People who love fresh air and the outdoors are sure to like it in Kirkkonummi. Nature is always near in Kirkkonummi. Although Kirkkonummi has several small population centres, it does not really have an urban atmosphere.

    Lumo rental apartments in Kirkkonummi

    All the Lumo rental apartments in Kirkkonummi are located in a green environment and served by good public transportation. There are both smaller apartments and family apartments available.

    Easy living in central Kirkkonummi

    The Lumo rental apartments in central Kirkkonummi are located within walking distance of the railway station, bus stops and all the essential services needed in daily life. The shops, restaurants and library are near. The centre of Kirkkonummi also offers diverse options for hobbies, in the nearby sports park and swimming hall.

    Lindal is a tranquil neighbourhood near services

    The prestigious Lindal neighbourhood is located next to the centre of Kirkkonummi. It is an excellent choice for those who want to live near the services of the centre but in a tranquil and green area. The rental apartments in Lindal offer tranquil living in a green environment, within a stone’s throw of all the necessary services.

    Gesterby - apartment buildings on the grounds of an old manor

    Gesterby is located to the north of the centre, about three kilometres from Kirkkonummi railway station. The hilly neighbourhood offers all the essential services plus day-care centres and schools. Gesterby offers excellent outdoor facilities and trails, as well as a swimming hall, sports park and other leisure options.

    Village-like Masala

    Masala is like a small village inside Kirkkonummi. It is located along the railway close to the border of Espoo. Masala has good essential services, day-care centres, schools and an upper-secondary school. The area is green, and the Lumo rental apartments are located in beautiful locations and served by public transportation.