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  • Jamppa, Järvenpää




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    The residential area of Jamppa is located about three kilometres from the centre, and it is an excellent choice for residents who want to live in a tranquil and spacious area. Saunakallio railway station is located in Jamppa.

    The area has its own day-care centre and primary school, and the most important local services are available in a small shopping centre. Jamppa is also home to the Keltasirkku family centre, which offers activities for families with children all year round. There is also a maternity and child health clinic and dental clinic on Jamppa.

    The buildings in the area have been renovated in recent years and new buildings have also gone up between the older apartment buildings. The green wooded environment is popular with people who enjoy the outdoors. There are several Lumo rental apartments in the area.