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  • Kirkkojärventie 10 C, Espoo




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    Rental apartments Kirkkojärventie 10 C, Espoo

    Search results 2 apartments

    1. Kirkkojärventie 10 C 100Espoon keskus, Espoo

      • 898 €/month
      • 5/7 floor, elevator
      • 2H+KT, 39,5, balcony

      Vacant on 1.7.2022

    2. Kirkkojärventie 10 C 99Espoon keskus, Espoo

      • 1285 €/month
      • 4/7 floor, elevator
      • 3H+KT+S, 70, balcony

      Vacant on 1.8.2022

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    Espoon keskus

    Espoon keskus is one of Espoo’s five city centres. All the essential services, including the health centre, a primary and lower secondary school and a library are available in the area. At the Entresse shopping centre in Espoon keskus, you will find café and restaurant services along with over 50 different shops. The nearby Nuuksio national park offers good opportunities for spending time in nature.

    Lumo rental apartments in the rapidly renewing district of Espoon keskus

    Espoon keskus is undergoing a rapid process of renewal, and there are Lumo rental apartments in the area in locations that offer convenient access to services and good transport connections.  The area has excellent transport links thanks to the local train station and bus lines. The district’s overall appearance and service availability will be improved when the old centre of government agencies is transformed into a modern and attractive area with housing and jobs. Vaakunatori square, a versatile space for events, will be built next to the new residential block.