Lumo teams and community

The Lumo team encourages tenants to spend time together

You don’t want to always eat alone, with just your phone for company. With this in mind, the Lumo team occasionally organises fun activities for the people in your building. Join the activities to enjoy the fruits of the Lumo team’s labour or become a team member to participate in planning your building’s events and deciding how the shared funds are used.


A cruise off the shore of your hometown, building bird boxes out in the yard, a trip to an open air theatre or a national park, a festive Christmas get-together in the club room, a Venetian festival around the communal barbecue area, shared vegetable and flower gardens in the yard or on the roof terrace, painting Easter eggs, decorating the common indoor areas, the traditional yard work party, group runs and walks, a Facebook group for the building’s tenants.... And so much more!

The list is endless. These are just some examples of the initiatives and activities organised by Lumo teams for the tenants of Lumo homes. What kinds of activities would you like to see organised at your building? What would inspire the tenants to spend time together?

The Lumo team is in charge of fun social activities at your building

Lumo teams are groups of volunteers representing your building’s tenants. They organise fun activities for everyone. Long-term tenants of Lumo buildings will also recognise the teams by their previous name, which was “house committee”.

Since the word committee has an outdated and bureaucratic ring to it, the name was changed to “Lumo team” this year. Working together with other tenants is easygoing and fun, so it’s better to use a term that doesn’t sound so stiff and formal. Official meetings with minutes are a thing of the past.

Getting involved with your building’s Lumo team is a great idea. It allows you to get your voice heard, influence matters of shared interest and build friendships with your neighbours. Doing things together is more fun!

Each Lumo team can independently decide how it wants to operate. The team comes up with ideas for fun shared activities, executes the plans and agrees on the division of responsibilities. One of the team members is designated as the Lumo Team Leader who serves as a contact person between the team and the property manager and, sometimes, between the team and Kojamo. The position of Lumo Team Leader does not, however, entail any formal responsibility.

Join a Lumo team!

We will provide you with the contact details of your building's Lumo team leader when you contact us through My Lumo or customer service. Then you need to simply talk to the Lumo Team Leader in person, ring their doorbell or send a message to get involved in the Lumo team.

Lumo funding

Each Lumo team is eligible for Lumo funding. The amount is determined based on the size of the housing company. The Lumo team can independently decide on how to use the funds, just as the team can decide on other aspects of its activities.

To request Lumo funding, the team must cooperate with the property manager. The property manager can be contacted through My Lumo. The team needs to provide the property manager with an action plan for the coming year, either as a free-form plan or by using the template available online. The action plan is the only document the Lumo team needs to submit in order to be granted Lumo funding.

The Lumo team can then request the property manager to order an S-business card for the team members to use for as long as there are funds available. There is no need to collect receipts or send documents to anyone. Information on purchases made on the card is directly relayed to the property manager and Kojamo. It’s simple and convenient.

The amount of Lumo funding for each building is €0.046 per month per square metre of residential space. If the size of your building is 2,000 square metres of residential space, your annual Lumo budget will be approximately €1,100.

The Lumo funding earmarked for your building will go unused if you don’t have a Lumo team!

If your building doesn’t have a Lumo team

Not every Lumo building has a Lumo team yet. That’s unfortunate because Lumo teams organise fun events and being part of the team is also an enjoyable recreational activity. Buildings that don’t have a Lumo team miss out on the Lumo funding earmarked for them.

Starting a Lumo team is a simple process that any of the building’s tenants can undertake. If you’d like to start a Lumo team for your building, get in touch with us through My Lumo or customer service. We will inform the property manager who can then convene a tenant meeting that everyone can attend. Usually the meeting’s attendees will include a sufficient number of interested tenants, and that’s all you need to start a Lumo team!

The property manager notifies Kojamo of the Lumo Team Leader’s contact details and the team is operational.

Events and necessary purchases

The Lumo team is free to organise a wide range of fun and useful activities, events and parties for the building’s tenants depending on the team members’ and the tenants’ preferences. The opportunities are endless: On Hernesaarenkatu in Helsinki, the Lumo team decided to organise an art competition to brighten up a grey electrical cabinet in front of the building, while in Vantaa’s Vaarala neighbourhood, the tenants got together to build nesting boxes for birds.

In addition to organising events, the Lumo team can make necessary purchases for the building. Would your building benefit from a communal grill, summer flowers or perhaps exercise equipment in the club room?

The Lumo team can request the building’s tenants to submit ideas for shared activities. For example, many Lumo buildings have a Facebook or WhatsApp group where people can express their views and opinions.

You can also look elsewhere for inspiration. We have put together ideas and examples based on fun activities organised by other Lumo teams across Finland. Read the examples, get inspired and copy the best ideas for use at your building!

21.11.2018 (Modified 20.5.2022)

Text Paula Ristimäki

Images Anton Reenpää

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