Sustainability actions

Sorting and recycling waste is an easy act of sustainability

Sorting and recycling waste is an important part of daily life in Lumo homes. Residents are encouraged to sort waste with appropriate waste facilities, clear guidance and active communication.


Where does an empty paint can belong? What should you do with an old toaster? More guidance for sorting household waste is required, even in Lumo homes. Recycling and minimising waste is one of the most important acts of responsibility in Lumo homes apparent in the daily lives of residents. All residents can contribute to the recycling and sorting of waste.

Lumo recognises the need for active recycling, and, to celebrate the World Environment Day, it arranged a virtual recycling event for its residents all around Finland. Several experts in the area took part in the event to talk about recycling and the importance of sorting waste.

A large group of residents took part in the event, but the message of the occasion and the discussion with residents signalled an important message to others as well.

Why is sorting important?

The residents of Lumo homes wished for clean waste and sorting facilities and clear sorting instructions to make sorting easier. The easier it is to sort waste, the more certain it is that sorting will become a habit. The amount of mixed waste should be reduced, which is why collecting plastic and biowaste separately benefits everyone. If waste is sorted correctly, it can be used as raw materials for new products.

Broken furniture and large pieces of waste left at the waste facilities in the dark of the night can be annoying. If you have any questions about sorting waste, you can search for recycling instructions online. For example, the Helsinki Region Environmental Services website has a tool where you can search for specific products to determine what type of waste it is and where you can take it. Various waste collection centres offer rental trailers if you need to get rid of larger pieces of waste.

Make recycling a habit, starting with your own home. Sorting waste does not require a lot of space if you set up sorting containers for different types of waste in your home and empty them frequently enough.

Tips for sorting waste


The national goal in Finland is to have 55% of municipal waste recycled by 2023. The current recycling rate in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, for example, is 48%.

What is the circular economy?

Circular economy refers to a philosophy where waste is not generated and products are designed in a way that allows for re-using them or using them as raw materials for new products. Globally, only 9% of all materials are re-used, which is why circular economy is thought to have significant potential.

In Finland, 180 million tonnes of materials are consumed every year. We throw away 80% of consumer goods and their materials. Circular economy will reduce the amount of waste and encourage people to use products instead of consuming them.

The next time you are about to throw something away, think about whether you need a new product or if the old one could still work? Maybe someone you know could fix it? Think about how many products you actually need at home or if you could buy a used product or borrow a product if you need it infrequently.

How do Lumo homes support waste sorting?

Residents are now provided with clearer waste guidance through the My Lumo service and more instructions in different languages are made available in the common waste facilities. Lumo homes will invest more in communications about sorting and recycling waste because the subject is very important. Clean and well-lit waste disposal rooms and covered waste disposal areas will continue to benefit all residents of apartment buildings.

Take a quiz to see if you know how to sort waste correctly (in Finnish only).

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