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5 ways to recycle waste at home easily

Recycling waste is easy when you sort different materials into separate bins at home and make sure all your family members know how to use them.


  1. Use the space you have. Although new homes usually come with large recycling bins installed in the kitchen, you don’t need to store all your recycling in one room. Paper and old magazines can be collected in nearly any room, and empty cans and bottles could be stored on the balcony, for example.
  2. Use recycling bins as a decorative element. Choose lidded containers that are pleasing to the eye and match your style. Some choose woven baskets, others prefer brightly coloured metal buckets. A storage bench is a great place to collect recyclable cardboard. Used batteries could be collected in a pretty box on the living room shelf. Although we do not recommend storing used batteries for a long time due to the risk of fire.
  3. Everything doesn’t have to be what it seems. Cabinets and organisers designed for storing shoes, for example, can also be reused as recycling stations. Place the station near the entrance and never again forget to take out the trash.
  4. Use the same bin for sorting and taking out the trash. If you use a bag for sorting bottles, jars or plastic waste, you can simply take the bag with you on your next visit to the waste station. Brightly coloured bags or totes with a nice design can even be hung on the wall as a design element.
  5. Label the recycling bins with pictures.This teaches even the youngest family members what to recycle and where each item should go. Empty the recycling bin as often as needed. The home looks tidier and more spacious when baskets and bins aren’t overflowing with litter.

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