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My Lumo is a personal service channel for tenants

Set to be launched in the spring, My Lumo is a new, modern and personal service that makes it easy for tenants to check the status of their tenancy agreement and find information on events and services at their Lumo building. My Lumo is an easy-to-use service that can be accessed on multiple devices, including smartphones.


For the tenants of Lumo homes, the soon-to-be-launched My Lumo service will be as helpful as Little Helper is to Gyro Gearloose. Like Little Helper, My Lumo is always with you — in your mobile phone. It makes it easy to handle a wide range of routine matters and solve minor problems.

“We will start piloting the My Lumo service at 20 Lumo buildings at the beginning of February. We have emphasised usability in the development of this service, so we are looking forward to finding out whether we achieved our goal,” says Piia Hyvärinen, Kojamo’s project manager for the My Lumo project.

“During the pilot, we will debug and develop the My Lumo service based on user feedback. Our aim is to make My Lumo available to all tenants of Lumo homes in March,” Hyvärinen explains.

Safe and reliable

My Lumo has been built to be not only easy to use, but also completely secure. This is achieved by requiring users to sign in using strong TUPAS identification — such as online banking credentials — on their first login. They can then create sign-in credentials for the service or link the service to their Facebook, Google or Microsoft account.

“My Lumo immediately identifies the user when they enter the service and indicates the user’s address at the top of the page — that is, the address of the Lumo home the user has a tenancy agreement for,” Hyvärinen points out.

News and announcements for your Lumo building

Just under the user’s home address is a newsfeed featuring important announcements for the user’s Lumo building. This is where they will find news on, for example, interruptions to the supply of electricity or water due to repairs, or the launch of a new Lumo service for the building’s tenants.

“The property manager can also use the feed to post messages from the building’s Lumo team or remind tenants about events and related deadlines, such as signing up for the amusement park event held in the summer,” Hyvärinen says.

At the top of the My Lumo service interface are quick links to important services. They include a link for accessing the user’s tenancy agreement and basic information about their home.

Another link provides up-to-date information on the status of rent payment. The service indicates the current status of the tenant’s rent payment and also includes a convenient link for immediately making payment via online banking.

One of the best features of the My Lumo service is that it makes it very easy to submit fault reports.

“A quick link on the user interface enables the user to submit a fault report and even attach photos, which often makes it easier for the service provider to determine what repairs are needed,” Hyvärinen explains.

The My Lumo service also keeps the tenant up to date on the progress of the fault report and the response to it.

“The tenant will get notified in their newsfeed, but they can also request to have the notifications sent to their mobile phone as a text message.”

My Lumo also provides the user the opportunity to contact the Lumo customer service via online chat. When the tenant is signed in using their personal credentials, the customer service employee at the other end of the chat immediately knows who the customer is, eliminating the need to specify personal data or contact details.

“I’m sure that will make it faster and easier to get a lot of things taken care of,” Hyvärinen adds.

Services local to your Lumo building

My Lumo also provides information on the customer benefits and services available to the tenants of your Lumo building. Does the building have broadband internet? A shared car or shared bicycles? What services are offered for movers?

My Lumo is a good way to make sure that you have taken advantage of all the services offered to you.

“You can also use My Lumo to find out whether there are vacant parking spaces at your building and, if there are any, you can book one right away,” Piia Hyvärinen explains, adding:

“In the future, My Lumo can also incorporate services offered directly to tenants by Kojamo’s cooperation partners.”

If you are a Lumo resident, start using My Lumo now!

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Rent a Lumo home and make it your own!Rent a Lumo home and make it your own!

Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

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