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Digital grandma Valtonen is keeping up with the times

The digital age does not discriminate against older people, but instead, accepts people of all ages who are eager to carry out their daily tasks online in an agile way. “Digital grandma” Marja-Liisa Valtonen is showing the way for other grandparents.


The sun shines on the pensioner Marja-Liisa Valtonen’s beautiful Lumo home in Kirkkonummi. She has lived in this building for about five years now. During this time, she has become very acquainted with her neighbours.

Valtonen recently got a faster 50 Mbps Internet connection, which was installed by the lessor in all apartments of the building. The Internet connection is included in the rent.

“My previous connection was 10 Mbps. This new connection was a significant improvement,” says Valtonen.

Valtonen regularly needs  theInternet to access online banking services, renew recipes via the My Kanta services on her computer or to read local news on a tablet. She also uses e-mail very actively.

“Doing things online is much more convenient than on the phone, for example. The services are available without having to wait on the line,” says Valtonen.

“I don't start the computer every day, but the tablet is in almost daily use. The screen on my phone is too small to access online services, but the tablet does the same thing and it is always ready to use.”

Doing things online is much more convenient than on the phone, for example. The services are available without having to wait on the line.


Lumo is currently upgrading the Internet connections in its buildings. In the future, the rent of all Lumo residents will include either a 50 or 100 Mbps Internet connection, which allows easy access to different online services.

“The 50 Mbps connection is ideal for people living alone or couples who need an Internet connection mainly for accessing online banking services, using email or just browsing the Web,” says Riikka Ilmakunnas,Concept Manager at Lumo homes.

Through the My Lumo service, residents can choose to purchase a faster connection for their DNA subscription at a discounted price. However, Valtonen believes that she manages very well with the current rate. “For me, the 50 Mbps connection is definitely enough, but young people playing on computers, for example, could use that faster connection,” Valtonen says.

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Lumo helped set up the Internet connection

Before a new Internet connection can be used, it must be installed, i.e. connected to the correct router socket and the network and router installations must be done correctly. 

Many people can do the installation themselves or ask their grandchildren for help, for example, but there are easier ways at Lumo homes: Lumo provides a free DNA Internet access service for the elderly.

“We wanted to make sure that all the residents can get their new Internet connection working, so we hired a DNA installation master to visit the residents who told us they needed help with the installation. The service has been available in buildings where we have identified the possible need for assistance,” says Ilmakunnas.

“I probably could have installed it myself, but of course the free service is worth taking advantage of,” says Valtonen.

The installer also visited a few other apartments in the same building, so Valtonen's neighbours also used the service. The installation was quick and the service was friendly. The DNA installation master also provides assistance on how to use the Internet, if necessary.

“I also asked questions about the Internet connection and received the answers I needed. After all, it was nice to have a chat when you didn't have to do anything yourself,” Valtonen laughs.

Information about your home in the My Lumo service

Marja-Liisa Valtonen also needs an Internet connection when handling issues related to her housing in the Lumo residents’ My Lumo online service.

“In addition to the public Lumo homes site, there is also information about my building and my own pages that requires a password, where I can check my rent information, for example,” says Valtonen. Through the My Lumo service, it is also possible to file a fault report or send a message to the property manager, for example. The service also provides access to all the services and benefits of Lumo housing.

Start using My Lumo!

My Lumo is an online service for residents that lets you handle housing and tenancy-related matters easily – even with your phone. My Lumo makes your life easier and is always available.

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