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Lumo One: where everything is near

Residents of Lumo One homes live in the middle of all the services – or, more accurately, above them. The skyscraper’s residents only need to step into the lift to access a shopping centre and a metro station, and the area also boasts a wide range of other services. The highlights of the area include views of the sea as well as excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.


Planned to be completed in the autumn of 2022 in Kalasatama, Helsinki, the Lumo One skyscraper is a unique building with excellent services in its immediate vicinity.

“Easy, effortless and long-term housing requires easy access to everyday services and activities. If anyone can say that their homes accomplish these things, I think the residents of Lumo One can,” says Ville Kilpi, Sales Director of Lumo Homes.

Lift connection to Redi and the metro station

Let’s start directly below the homes with the lively Shopping Centre Redi and the Kalasatama metro station.

“Residents of Lumo One only need to step into the lift to enter the bustling city life. Up there, in the apartments, the rush and noise of the city fade away and the residents can enjoy the peaceful sea views.”

1. Shopping Centre Redi below the Lumo One skyscraper has space for nearly 200 shops and 40 restaurants and cafés.

The Shopping Centre offers everything you might need in your everyday life. It features a wide range of shops, including well-stocked grocery shops. The shopping centre also has a diverse selection of restaurants as well as a five-auditorium movie theatre, a gym and a climbing arena.

In Kalasatama, even the public services are close-by

From the start of the project, the City of Helsinki has invested heavily in the public services of the new Kalasatama. The Lumo One skyscraper is located only a stone’s throw away from a health and well-being centre offering extensive social welfare and health care services from doctors’ appointments to dental care.

At the moment, Kalasatama has three day-care centres and a primary school. The school, located about 500 metres from the Lumo One skyscraper, currently houses classes 1–3 but will soon gradually expand to include the lower secondary school pupils of the area.

“The City of Helsinki has done great work in ensuring that the public services arrive in Kalasatama while the area is still under construction. People will not need to travel far in search of services,” says Kilpi.

Residents of Lumo One homes live in the middle of all the services – or, more accurately, above them, says Ville Kilpi.

Lumo One at the focal point of new urban culture

In recent years, the eastern side of downtown Helsinki has become a new centre of communal urban culture. For example, Lumo One is only a few minutes’ walk away from the Teurastamo area, known for its food culture and relaxed atmosphere.

“During COVID, events have been few and far between, but we hope that Teurastamo will reclaim its status as the citizens’ shared living room by the time the Lumo One skyscraper is completed in the autumn of 2022. It’s a nice place with BBQ spots and everything,” says Kilpi.

2. The area surrounding the previous power plant and gasworks in Suvilahti is a vibrant centre full of diverse events right next to Kalasatama.

The unique and constantly changing industrial milieu of Suvilahti, adopted by various cultural operators and organisers of large events, is also located in the immediate vicinity of the Lumo homes. The most well-known event in Suvilahti is the annual Flow Festival.

“Residents of Lumo One will be able to watch the happenings of Suvilahti from their windows,” says Kilpi.

A sense of community is also reflected in the shared residential facilities of the skyscraper. In the clubroom and its magnificent balcony located in the top floor, for example, residents will be able to marvel at the sea views. In clear weather, the visibility will be up to 41 kilometres.

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The Lumo One skyscraper is a unique building with excellent services in its immediate vicinity.

Public transport in any direction

Great traffic connections are a vital part of effortless urban living. Kilpi points out that the location of Kalasatama in a hub of public transportation is nearly unmatched in Helsinki.

“Transport to and from Kalasatama will be easy, regardless of the mode of transportation. Public transport takes you in any direction.”

The metro is a very fast way of going east or west from Kalasatama. The metro ride to the centre of Helsinki takes only six minutes.

3. The metro takes Lumo One residents quickly east or west from Kalasatama. The metro reaches Helsinki Central Station in only 6 minutes, Tapiola in 19 minutes and Itäkeskus in 7 minutes.

Lumo One is also on the route of five tramlines to Käpylä, Arabia and Kallio, for example. The comprehensive tram network will be supplemented in 2024 with a route to Pasila. In a few years, the tramlines will also run in the Laajasalo direction with the completion of the Crown Bridges project.

The new bridge connections will also make cycling and walking faster as the construction of the tramlines will also include lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to the metro and tramlines, Kalasatama is serviced by various bus routes to different parts of the metropolitan area.

“Kalasatama is also great for drivers as the Itäväylä highway offers fast traffic connections. Residents of Lumo One can reserve a parking space in the parking hall below the skyscraper and access it through the lift easily and with dry feet in any weather,” says Kilpi.

Seaside environment for all Lumo One residents

Kalasatama is a perfect example of the new, coastal Helsinki, as the seashores and canals offer nice routes to Sompasaari or the shoreline park of Arabianranta, for example. For Lumo One residents, the nearest area for outdoor activities is in the adjacent Kalasatamanpuisto park, featuring a wide grass field as well as a skatepark and a playground.

4. After the completion of Kalasatama, Lumo One residents and other city dwellers will have access to more than six kilometres of shoreline with excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.

The islands of Mustikkamaa and Korkeasaari are not far away either. The beach and tennis courts in Mustikkamaa are just 1.5 kilometres away on foot or by bike along Isoisänsilta bridge.

Kalasatama is also a great base camp for trips to the Lammassaari recreational area located on the other side of Vanhankaupunginselkä bay as well as Viikki-Vanhankaupunginlahti, the largest nature reserve in Helsinki where birdwatchers have spotted more than 300 species of birds.

5. The Vanhankaupunginlahti nature reserve is unique in Europe as few capitals can boast nature destinations as rich in species and biodiversity. The protected area covers 326 hectares.

The area also offers great skiing opportunities in the winter. The nearest ski track starts on Hermannin rantatie, runs through Arabianranta and Vanhankaupunginselkä bay to the excellent ski tracks in the Herttoniemi sports park.

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