Ilmarinkatu 44

Kaleva, 33500 Tampere

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  • Apartment buildingCompletion 1956 - renovated 2019
  • 2 bedrooms + k8 pcs66
    1 bedroom + k13 pcs52
    Sudios7 pcs27

Ilmarinkatu 44

Kalevaan, monipuolisten palveluiden ja vehreiden puistojen lomaan, valmistui lokakuussa 2019 upeita uusittuja Lumo-koteja. Ilmarinkatu 44:n hissittömässä nelikerroksisessa talossa on 28 kotia yksiöistä kolmioihin.

Asunnot ovat sisustukseltaan raikkaan valoisia. Lattiat ovat kaunista vaaleaa beigenharmaata laminaattia. Seinät on maalattu maalarinvalkoisella maalilla. Keittiön varustukseen kuuluu induktioliesi, uuni, jää-pakastinkaappi ja liesituulettimen kupu. Astianpesukoneen leveys riippuu asunnon koosta. Kylpyhuoneessa on pesukoneliitäntä. Yksiöissä on yhdistetty vaatehuone ja kodinhoitohuone. Kaksioissa ja kolmioissa on lasitetut parvekkeet. Yksiöissä ei ole parvekkeita.

Asukkaille on käytössä kellarikerroksessa sijaitsevat irtaimistovarasto, pesutupa, kuivaushuone, kerhohuone, kuntosali, pesuhuone ja polkupyörävarasto. Saunaosasto on uusittu vuonna 2015. Talon 1. kerroksessa palvelee K-Market -päivittäistavarakauppa. Lämpöpistokepaikallisia autopaikkoja on pihassa 12 ja autotalleja on kolme.

Lumo-asukkaana saat enemmän

Lumo-vuokrakodit tarjoavat turvallista ja ympäristöystävällistä asumista sekä parhaat asumisen palvelut.

Saat Lumo-palvelut ja Lumo-asukkaan edut käyttöösi My Lumo -palvelun kautta. Tutustu tarkemmin:
  • Building type
    Apartment building
  • Completion
    1956 - renovated 2019
  • Energy rating
  • Asset-limited
  • Elevator
  • Antenna system
    Cable TV (DVB-C): DNA
  • Broadband
    DNA 50 Mbit/s
  • Non-smoking house
    This is a non-smoking building. Smoking is forbidden inside the apartment, on the balcony, and in the common areas of the house. There is a smoking area in the yard of the building.
  • Parking spaces
  • Shared facilities of the house
    Bicycle storage, club room, shared sauna, laundry room, drying room, air-raid shelter


Kaleva is a very popular and highly valued residential district in the eastern part of central Tampere. Most of the residents are adults and there are not many families with children in Kaleva.

Kaleva’s heart is its large green zone composed of several parks. A wide range of different services is available nearby. There are several grocery stores in Kaleva. Also nearby is the Kaleva public indoor pool and the Tampere open air pool, which was completed in 2018. In addition, the Tampere University Hospital, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the University of Tampere are located in the area. Kaleva has good transport links, and the city centre is not far away. The area is served by several bus lines. The new Tampere tramway takes you from Kaleva to Tampere Central Station in only a few minutes.

Lumo rental apartments in the popular Kaleva district

Located close to the city centre, Kaleva has been Tampere’s most popular and highly sought-after residential area for several years now. The Lumo apartments in the district include singles and two-room apartments as well as larger family apartments. Kaleva is a quiet neighbourhood for families with children, but its proximity to the city centre means it is also a great choice for families who want to have convenient access to a wide range of activities.

Lumo homes have a wide selection of rental apartments in Tampere. If Kaleva interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Tammela, Nekala and in central Tampere.


Tampere offers housing in a beautiful Finnish lake town that has an interesting industrial history. Tampere is the third largest city in Finland and an extremely popular place to live.

A unique industrial town

Tampere was an important industrial hub in Finland already in the 19th century. Tampere grew around the factories, and tall chimneys became a distinct feature of the town.

Tampere continues to be characterised by its old, red-brick factories, and the urban landscape of Tampere is a rare cultural attraction in Europe. Some of the old buildings have been renovated into offices, event venues and residential spaces. It is great that these old buildings have received a new life.

Although a number of new houses have been built in the city in recent years, it has not lost its old, industrial edge. In Tampere, the historical red-brick buildings sit in a landscape of Finnish lakes in beautiful and unique ways.

Vibrant city living in Tampere

Tampere is a vibrant city that suits single people, couples and families alike. There are dozens of comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and other educational institutions in the city. The three different universities located in Tampere (the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences) form a welcoming community for students.

This city of nearly 200 lakes offers a wide range of opportunities for hobbies and outdoor life. Its attractions also include Särkänniemi amusement park, Näsinneula tower and cruises on the lakes. There are also many lovely forests, including Epilänharju, Kalevanharju and Pyynikki.

Tampere is known as a city with a progressive attitude. It is one of only a few cities that has a mayor instead of a city manager, for example. The young people of Tampere can get their voices heard through the city’s Youth Council. Tampere also has a light rail system under construction. Trams connect the city centre with Tampere University Hospital and Hervanta. Plans include expanding the tram routes all the way to Lentävänniemi over the following years.

City of culture and arts

Tampere is the perfect city for lovers of culture with an impressive number of theatres. The Tampere Theatre, TTT-Theatre, Tampere Comedy Theatre, Pyynikki Summer Theatre and many others entertain the city’s residents and visitors. There are also many design and handicraft shops in Tampere, which could be seen to reflect the city’s long history in the garment industry.

A young city

Tampere has a young atmosphere, thanks to the tens of thousands of students living in the city. Tampere is one of the most popular student towns in Finland and has several higher education institutes in a range of fields.

Your own Lumo rental apartment in Tampere

Tampere has an abundance of Lumo rental apartments for single people, couples and families. You can choose to live in the city centre, near the centre or a bit further away.

Comfortable living in the centre

Central Tampere is an excellent spot to admire buildings from different periods. New houses compliment the original red-brick architecture through traditional methods and materials.

Living in a Lumo rental apartment in central Tampere means living close to everything. A range of services, market squares, cafeterias, restaurants and shops are within walking distance. Hämeenpuisto boulevard connects the two lakes of central Tampere, Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi. The market hall (built in 1901) is famous for its unique atmosphere, and the Tammelantori square for its tasty coffee.

Living in the centre of Tampere also means living close to the popular outdoor tracks of Pyynikki. Pispala, Tammela and Amuri are residential areas in central Tampere. The Lumo rental apartments in the old Finlayson area and near the Tammerkoski rapids have excellent locations.

Hatanpää, Nekala and Härmälä - a couple of kilometres south from the centre

Hatanpää is the first residential area to the south of the centre. It is a comfortable neighbourhood with cosy Lumo apartments. The beautiful Arboretum park on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi is the gem of Hatanpää.

Härmälä is located a couple of kilometres from the city centre and is easy to reach by bus. The popular Lumo rental apartments in Härmälä are located near lake Pyhäjärvi. Härmälä also has its own primary school and other essential services.

Nekala is an excellent choice for those who want to live a bit further away from the centre but appreciate efficient connections.

Hervanta - diverse services

Hervanta is a large and versatile residential area with excellent services. It is almost like a town of its own. Hervanta has a range of Lumo apartments, suited for the needs of single people, couples and families. There are many jobs and educational institutions in Hervanta. The area also offers diverse opportunities for sports and exercise. Hervanta is connected to the city centre by a light rail line, so going to centre is very convenient.

Near Hervanta there are also several peaceful neighbourhoods where residents can utilize the great services and connections oof Hervanta. For example Lukonmäki, Vuores, Turtola and Kaukajärvi are in the area.

Accommodation just outside of the city centre in Turtola and Kaukajärvi

Turtola is located five kilometres from the centre of Tampere. The area has its own school and a popular golf course. In all these areas, Lumo rental apartments are located close to excellent areas for outdoor activities and the city centre can be easily reached by bus.

Kaukajärvi is located approximately 10 kilometres from the city centre, right on the border of Kangasala. Lumo apartments in Kaukajärvi are an excellent choice for those who appreciate outdoor recreation.

Lielahti, Niemenranta and Pohtola in the west

Lielahti is a residential area to the west of the centre. Its excellent services have made it a popular area. The distance to the city centre is about eight kilometres.

Niemenranta is located near Lielahti, which is a new residential area that was built on the grounds of a former factory.

The services of Lielahti are also easy to reach from Pohtola. The Lumo rental apartments in these areas are excellent for those who appreciate good public transportation and services.

Lumo rental apartments in Tampere in figures

Tampere is the 4th largest city of operation for Lumo homes. You can find available rental apartments in Tampere, ranging from studios to larger family apartments. All of our Tampere locations are situated in excellent spots, with good transport connections.

| 🏠 Apartments in total: | 3917 pcs |
| 🏠 Studios and one-bedrooms: | 3156 pcs |
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| 🔄 Flexible exchange of apartments: | No extra fees |
| 🏘️ Two- and three bedrooms: | 693 pcs |
| 🌐 Broadband: | Always included |

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