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Memorable inner yard concerts captivated Lumo residents

The residents of Lumo homes had an unforgettable summer as Lumo, and Radio Suomipop organized three enchanting private concerts in the atmospheric inner yards of the Lumo houses. With Finland’s top artists entering the stage, they transformed ordinary evenings into unforgettable moments in Helsinki, Tampere, and Vantaa.


The lingering glow of the sun on the skin, ice cream melting on the tongue on a summer afternoon. The music made the hips swing, and the audience sang along with the artist to songs familiar from radio playlists. The Finnish summer was at its best when the residents of the Lumo houses got to enjoy unique summer concerts in their own inner yards.

Lumo homes and Radio Suomipop delighted the residents of the Lumo Houses by bringing their favorite Finnish artists to perform in the inner yards of the three Lumo houses. In addition to the artists, beloved radio personality Juha Perälä, who hosted the event with his relaxed and cheerful style, was responsible for the entertainment and laughs.

The concerts were broadcast live on Radio Suomipop. Everyone in Finland had the opportunity to listen to the show, even from their summer cottages. But not just anyone could get on the spot, and buying tickets for the event wasn't possible. The event was held only for residents living in the Lumo building chosen as the concert venue. In addition to the residents, a small group of lucky participants had won entry to the event in a draw on Radio Suomipop's website.

Memories and summer vibes from the concerts of Radio Suomipop and Lumo homes. Photographer: Vilma Töyräs.

Summer sun, man and his guitar in the heart of downtown Helsinki

Exciting anticipation was in the air as the first inner yard concert of the summer kicked off in July in the yard of Lönnrotinkatu 30 in Kamppi, Helsinki. The building had previously served as a printing house and later as an office building. Today, the old functionalist building built in the 1930s has been given a new chapter of life, as its walls conceal Lumo homes built with care and attention to detail.

Reino Nordin captured the hearts of the audience with his one-man-show at Lönnrotinkatu.

A stage surrounded by colorful balloons was built for the concert in the middle of the courtyard. Reino Nordin casually entered with a smile to entertain the audience. The experienced artist captivated the audience with his immediacy.

The familiar lyrics and melodies filled the yard, and the audience joined by waving their hands to the music. Some residents had created a comfortable seating area on their own balcony with a direct view of the stage.

Raindrops and intimate atmosphere in Tampere

Emil Aaltonen's beautiful red-brick shoe factory, with its atmospheric courtyard in Tampere's historic Tampella district, was the perfect setting for the second courtyard party of the summer, where a group of Kyllikinkatu 15 residents and draw winners gathered to spend an evening together. The old factory spaces have been transformed into modern loft-style Lumo homes, with large windows allowing residents to enjoy the gig from the comfort of their own sofas.

The relaxed atmosphere of the event was enhanced by pennants and balloons fluttering in the summer breeze in the lush courtyard and a sympathetic old ice cream van. The audience could try out the new ice creams and favorite flavors of 3 kaveria during the show.

The magnificent red brick walls of the old shoe factory provided a cozy location for the concert.

The audience had prepared for the changeable Finnish summer weather, and the rain clouds over the courtyard did not affect the concert. On the contrary, the gentle summer rain created an atmosphere as the neighborhood enjoyed the music under their umbrellas. Pete Parkkonen raised the temperature even higher with his performance.

The atmosphere was intimate, and the audience did not shy away but moved as close to the edge of the stage as possible to fully enjoy Pete Parkkonen's velvety voice.

Vantaa was conquered from the balcony

The summer tour culminated in Lauri Korpisen katu 8 and 10 in Tikkurila, Vantaa.

High winds predicted for the day of the gig changed the plans, and the stage was moved from the yard to the clubhouse balcony for safety reasons. Janna Hurmerinta amused the audience by revealing that she had seen all kinds of gig venues in her career. Still, she had never experienced a balcony gig before.

Janna, who wowed the audience at the Vantaa show, performed exceptionally on the balcony.

Despite occasional gusts of wind, the last concert of the summer was a sunny affair. Janna, who will be seen in the new season of Vain elämää in the autumn, gave her own storm warning about the future, captivating the audience with her soulful voice. The audience was treated to new and well-known hits, and everyone was happy to join in the singing.

The most enthusiastic fans gathered after the show to take pictures with Janna. There was a queue of people waiting to be photographed. "How long have you been playing that piano?" the youngest listeners asked Janna, their eyes wide with admiration.

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Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

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