New Lumo homes to Tapiola

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Jousenpuistonkatu 8

Tapiola, 02200 EspooAvailable for renting 9.1.2023
Estimated time of completion 1.4.2023

80 new Lumo homes are being built in Tapiola, Espoo, at Jousenpuistonkatu 8. The new apartments will include singles as well as two-room apartments and three-room apartments. The apartments are located on 12 floors. The project is scheduled to be completed in January 2023. Common areas for residents include three saunas, a washing room and a club room, which is suitable for parties, for example. In Lumo homes, high-speed internet is included in the rent and pets are always welcome.

Tapiola is a vibrant urban center for culture, sports and services, suitable for many different tastes. This is a place for single people, couples and families with children. The area offers a wide range of sports, including a swimming pool, the indoor skating rink Metro Areena, the golf center TAGi and numerous football pitches. For culture lovers, Tapiola boasts the EMMA Museum of Modern Art and diverse performances at Tapiola Cultural Centre. A stone’s throw away, you’ll find the shopping center Ainoa and Stockmann offering services and shops for all types of needs. The area is perfect for families with children, as there are several day care centers and schools in the area. Tapiola also has excellent transport links. The new building is located right next to the metro station and bus stop of the Tapiola Sports Park, offering easy transport anywhere you like!

  • Apartment buildingEstimated time of completion 1.4.2023
    Available for renting 9.1.2023
  • Sudios32 pcs2727,5
    1 bedroom + k36 pcs35,547,5
    2 bedrooms + k12 pcs64,567
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    Known as a garden town, Tapiola is a wonderful urban environment that is also close to nature. Tapiola’s housing stock mostly consists of apartment buildings, and the area includes many green parks and many different, beautiful locations for outdoor leisure.

    Services in Tapiola

    The centre of Tapiola includes two shopping centres, a health centre, a public indoor pool with an open-air pool, as well as a culture centre, offering a wide range of services and options for leisure activities. The beautiful Silkkiniitty park leads to the EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, and the Espoo cultural centre is also close by.

    Lumo rental apartments in Tapiola with convenient connections

    The Tapiola area has excellent transport links. The buses run frequently and five metro stations connect the Tapiola area: Keilaniemi, Otaniemi, Tapiola, Urheilupuisto and Niittykumpu. The metro also takes you to the Helsinki city centre in about fifteen minutes.

    Lumo has a wide selection of rental apartments in Espoo. If Tapiola interests you as an area, you should also see available rental apartments in Haukilahti, Pohjois-Tapiola and Otaniemi. Helsinki also has some nice rental homes near Tapiola, see for example rental apartments in Lauttasaari and in Lehtisaari.

    Espoo is a green city that offers great services and an excellent location. Espoo is located next to Helsinki, by the sea. The city is known as one of the primary business hubs in Finland: many large enterprises are headquartered in Espoo, and the Otaniemi campus is located in the city. In Espoo, technological advances meet green living amidst nature.

    Espoo does not have one major centre, but several smaller city centres, which makes it unique as a city. Each city centre has its own fine characteristics that make it unique. Espoo has a diverse range of rental housing, including large family apartments available for rent.

    The centres are connected by an efficient public transport network. The West Metro makes it easy to get to Helsinki from Espoo, and there are also convenient connections north of Espoo by train and bus. In addition to this, motorways run across Espoo in both directions.

    Spacious housing surrounded by nature

    Apartment buildings are the most prevalent type of housing in Espoo. However, the residential areas are not densely constructed, but spacious enough to allow room for breathing. Most of the residential areas in Espoo have great green areas and jogging tracks, all of which are accessible for the city’s residents. The central park covers an area of as much as 900 hectares, and Nuuksio National Park is even larger.

    In Espoo, you can live in an urban environment near the capital city, and reach the nearest forest to unwind in wilderness in a few minutes. Furthermore, Espoo has many lakes that give the city an exceptional atmosphere, particularly in the summer.

    Lumo rental apartments in Espoo

    There are different types of Lumo rental apartments in Espoo, including options for single people, couples and families. Lumo apartments are located across Espoo, in different neighbourhoods. There are several Lumo buildings built in the 2010s in Espoo, and new properties are continuously being built to add to the range of stylish and high-quality Lumo rental apartments in the city.

    A rental apartment along the west metro line

    The west metro line connects several areas in Espoo to each other and of course to Helsinki. In Espoo there are metro stations in Matinkylä, Niittykumpu, Tapiola, Otaniemi and Keilaniemi.

    Matinkylä is one of the largest city centres in Espoo. The best-known attraction in Matinkylä is the Iso Omena shopping centre with hundreds of shops and a wide range of services. Next to it there are the charming residential areas of Olari and Niittykumpu. Known as the garden city, Tapiola is a unique mix of urban architecture and green spaces with its walkable centre and many parks. Otaniemi is the home of many students and a lively plave to live.

    Modern housing in Espoo

    Many of the Lumo rental apartments in Espoo are located in fairly new apartment buildings. For example, the residential area of Suurpelto is a modern and innovative area with an underground recycling system that spans the entire district.

    Laaksolahti, on the other hand, has excellent outdoor tracks, and the Lumo apartments in this prestigious area are located in modern and functional apartment buildings. Newer Lumo rental apartments are also available in Vermonniitty and Kivenlahti.

    Rental housing near services in the Leppävaara area

    Leppävaara is located near the boundary between Helsinki and Espoo, and it is famous for its tower building. Leppävaara is a busy transportation hub with many jobs. Shopping centre Sello attracts visitors from near and far. The residential areas of Kilo, Karakallio and Vermonniitty are located near Leppävaara.

    Urban living in the centre of Espoo

    Espoon keskus is the most densely populated area in the centre of Espoo. It offers excellent services and fast connections into all directions. Examples of services in the area include the Entresse shopping centre, an indoor swimming pool, sports arena and library. Lumo rental apartments are located in elegant buildings near Entresse. Nuuksio National Park and its excellent outdoor services are also located near Espoon keskus.

    Suvela, a residential area bordering Espoon keskus, is home to many Lumo rental apartments. Suvela has its own school and day care centres. The Lumo rental apartments in Tuomarila are located near nature, but also within a stone’s throw of the services of Espoon keskus.

    Rental housing near the sea and lakes

    Espoo has plenty of coast line, so you get to enjoy sea views in many different residential areas.

    Kivenlahti and Saunalahti are pleasant residential areas by the sea in western Espoo. Espoonlahti, Soukka and Tillinmäki are also nice areas nearby and close to the coast.

    Haukilahti is a popular residential area more in the east. In Haukilahti you can enjoy jogs along the water, dips in the sea and charming beach cafes. Matinkylä and Nuottalahti with their beaches are also pleasant areas near the sea.

    Peaceful suburban life in Espoo

    In Espoo there are lots of peaceful residential areas where you can enjoy quiet streets while still being close to services.

    Ymmersta is one of the most tranquil neighbourhoods in Espoo. It is located next to Kauniainen and has Lumo rental apartments of different sizes. The residential area of Karvasmäki near Kauniainen offers rental homes in single-family houses in a tranquil environment. Järvenperä and Nöykkiö are other peaceful areas.

    Deposit €0, pets are allowed and many more customer benefits.

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