How to start a Lumo team

Starting a Lumo team

If your building doesn’t have a Lumo team yet, you can start one anytime. Starting a Lumo team makes sense for many reasons – including getting access to an annual budget of Lumo funds.

In addition to organising fun events for all of the building’s residents, being part of a Lumo team is also an enjoyable recreational activity. A Lumo team is a casual setting for getting to know your neighbours while also having a say on shared activities at your building.

Organising events for the building’s residents is fun and rewarding!

How to start a Lumo team at your building

  • Contact us through My Lumo and ask whether there is a Lumo team in your building.
  • The property manager is then contacted and they will organize a meeting for residents where everyone is welcome to attend.
  • At the meeting, the participants will determine who wishes to join the Lumo team and come up with ideas for fun activities for the building’s residents. And that’s all it takes – the building now has a Lumo team!
  • Choose a leader for the Lumo team. The property manager will communicate the team leader’s contact details to Kojamo.
  • Then you simply schedule your next meeting and get started!

To let all of the building’s residents know that a Lumo team has been established, the team posts its contact details on the noticeboard in the staircase. You can also put up information on the building’s Facebook or WhatsApp group if you have created one.