How do Lumo teams gain access to Lumo funds?

Lumo teams receive annual Lumo funding

Each Lumo team is eligible for Lumo funding. The property manager knows the amount reserved for the use of each property.

The Lumo team decides how to spend the funds. Lumo teams at various buildings have bought outdoor swings, lawnmowers and grills as well as club room equipment such as television sets. Lumo funds are often also used to cover the cost of food and beverages served at the building’s parties and events.

In practice, the Lumo funds are provided in the form of an S-Business card that the Lumo team members can use. This means that there’s no need to collect receipts and send documents back and forth: information on purchases made on the card is conveniently and securely relayed to the Property Manager.

How to gain access to Lumo funds and your team’s S-Business card

  • In your Lumo team, prepare a rough activity plan for the coming year. We have prepared a form for this purpose. This form is the only document that the Lumo team needs to complete to gain access to the Lumo funds allocated to it.
  • The form includes an estimate of how much money will be needed for the events planned by the team. The activity plan is then submitted to the property manager. You can contact the property manager through My Lumo.
  • When the activity plan has been completed, the Lumo team can ask the property manager to place an order for the team’s S-Business card. The method of delivery needs to be agreed on with the property manager.
  • The card will then be delivered in a few weeks’ time, and the property manager will hand over the card and PIN code to the Lumo team. The Lumo Team Leader usually signs for the card.
  • The cards cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco products or gift cards. Food and beverages served at volunteer work events can be purchased from supermarkets using the card.