What activities can a Lumo team organise?

The Lumo team is free to organise a wide range of fun and useful activities, events and parties for the building’s tenants depending on the team members’ and the tenants’ preferences.

The opportunities are endless: On Hernesaarenkatu in Helsinki, the Lumo team decided to organise an art competition to brighten up a grey electrical cabinet in front of the building, while in Vantaa’s Vaarala neighbourhood, the tenants got together to build nesting boxes for birds. Of course, your building’s Lumo team might come up with entirely different ideas!

The Lumo team can request the building’s tenants to submit ideas for shared activities. For example, many Lumo buildings have a Facebook or WhatsApp group where people can express their views and opinions.
Here you can find tools to help the Lumo team in its work, including a template for announcing community events and projects on the noticeboard in your Lumo building’s staircase. There are also other helpful resources available.

You can also look elsewhere for inspiration. The list below includes many events that have proved to be fun and useful. Perhaps you can borrow some of these ideas.

Tell us about your event! We may even send a Lumo reporter and photographer to create a story about your event!

Club room

Is your Lumo building’s club room abandoned or being put to good use? Your Lumo team can organise a volunteer event to make the club room a more functional space for the residents to share. For example, the club room can be used for the following purposes:

  • an attractive event space to host parties organised by the housing company and its residents
  • a small DIY workshop
  • an exhibition space for the artists in the building
  • the building’s own recycling room for magazines, hobby equipment, toys, etc.
  • a play room for children
  • a room where the building’s hobby groups meet
  • a quiet workspace for people who work remotely
  • a rehearsal space for the building’s musicians


Making the outdoor areas as attractive and enjoyable as possible has been a high priority at many Lumo buildings. Volunteer campaigns and Lumo funds have been used for the following purposes

  • cleaning events
  • traditional autumn or spring yard work events
  • replanting
  • buying cultivation boxes and growing food plants and other useful plants
  • buying and planting summer flowers
  • outdoor furniture for relaxing and chatting with neighbours
  • buying a grill and organising barbecue parties for the building’s residents
  • summer evening potlucks
  • casual outdoor “Olympics”

Theme parties

Pre-Christmas parties have become an established tradition at several Lumo buildings, but there are many other occasions that can be celebrated by throwing a party for your building’s residents

  • Pre-Christmas parties
  • Christmas crafts evenings
  • New Year parties
  • Winter and summer carnivals
  • Sledge races
  • Painting Easter eggs
  • bird box campaigns
  • Midsummer and Labour Day parties
  • Venetian festival
  • Fancy dress parties
  • Singalongs
  • Volleyball games between your building and the neighbouring building
  • The Lumo housing company’s anniversary
  • Any theme that excites you


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Recycling with neighbours is fun because the distances are small.

  • Organising an occasional yard sale
  • Recycling through the building’s Facebook group, for example
  • An easily accessible recycling station where people can take and pick up agreed-on items, such as magazines, books, toys, etc.

Other activities are also possible. There is nothing stopping you from making excursions beyond your building and neighbourhood!