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  • Junkkarinkaari 7, Vantaa

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    You can rent this apartment if your financial assets do not exceed the set limits. Read more ›

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    Rental apartments Junkkarinkaari 7, Vantaa

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    1. Junkkarinkaari 7 C 58Pakkala, Vantaa

      • 870 €/month
      • 5. floor /6
      • 2H+KK, 43

      The apartment is vacant

    2. Junkkarinkaari 7 C 49Pakkala, Vantaa

      • 960 €/month
      • 3. floor /6
      • 2H+K+S, 53

      The apartment is vacant

    3. Junkkarinkaari 7 A 8Pakkala, Vantaa

      • 995 €/month
      • 3. floor /6
      • 2H+K+S, 53,5

      The apartment is vacant

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    Pakkala is a quiet and popular residential area next to the Ring III and Tuusulanväylä highways. In Pakkala, you can enjoy beautiful views of fields and forests while being close to services. The Jumbo shopping centre and the Flamingo entertainment centre are right next door, and residents can also enjoy a vast network of verdant outdoor recreation routes. The Lumo rental apartments in Pakkala were completed in the 1990s and 2000s.

    Lumo rental apartments in Pakkala – welcome home!

    The area has excellent transport links, and Helsinki Airport is only a few kilometres away. The Aviapolis train station is nearby and Helsinki is also accessible by bicycle. There are several day-care centres in the area. The International School of Vantaa is also located in Pakkala.

    Named after Backas Manor, Pakkala is a child-friendly residential area with plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. The active Lumo teams in Pakkala organise frequent volunteer campaigns and other events. There is a pleasant community spirit among the residents. Backas Manor, which dates back to the 17th century, is a nice destination for people who are interested in history.