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  • Keskusta, Rovaniemi




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    The center of Rovaniemi, located at the confluence of the Kemi and Ounasjoki rivers, is the beating heart of Rovaniemi and of the entire province of Lapland. The central Rovaniemi area is bordered by three hills: Korkalovaara in the west, Ounasvaara behind Kemijoki in the east, and Syväsenvaara in the north.

    You can find everything you need in the centre of Rovaniemi

    There are plenty of good services, restaurants and things to do in the Rovaniemi centre, and the area is surrounded by endless opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature all year round. In the centre of Rovaniemi you can find everything you need and more in a compact package: the centre has specialty stores, grocery stores, shopping centres, restaurants, sports opportunities and just about any other services.

    As the home of the University of Lapland, the centre of Rovaniemi is also a lively student town. Public transport is smooth within the city, and long-distance trains from all over Finland depart from the train station located near the city centre. The distance to the airport is about nine kilometers.

    Rental apartment in Rovaniemi centre in the middle of beautiful nature

    In Rovaniemi, nature is always close, even in the centre. The rivers and hills surrounding the city centre create a distinctive atmosphere for the city and invite you to go outside and go hiking. There are the most wonderful nature trails in the surrounding area, and for example the nature trails of Koivusaari, Korkalovaara, Ounasvaara and Pöyliövaara are only a few kilometers from the centre.

    There is also an excellent setting for skiing and downhill skiing right near the centre: for example, you can quickly travel to the Ounasvaara ski centre from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. In both summer and winter, you can take a dip in Kemijoki from, for example, Ounaskoski beach, which is located right next to the city centre. There are also good fishing spots near the center of Kemijoki.

    A rental apartment in Rovaniemi centre is perfect for those who want a home close to nature and services at the same time.