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  • Palokka, Jyväskylä




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    Palokka is on the north side of Jyväskylä, near the shores of Lake Palokkajärvi and Lake Alvajärvi, on either side of National Road 4, about five kilometres from Jyväskylä. With a population of more than 14,000, Palokka is one of the fastest-growing and most attractive districts of Jyväskylä. It is close to nature, with lakes and hills, yet it is only a short distance from the main roads and the airport. Palokka is a local centre in Jyväskylä.

    A wide selection of services in Palokka

    There are diverse services in the centre of Palokka. The health centre and dental clinic also serve people who do not live in the area. Completed in 2012 and designed by Perko Architects, the Palokka school building is home to a comprehensive school as well as the local library and an adult education centre. The local services also include grocery stores, hair salons, beauticians and physiotherapy. In the summer, you can buy vegetables, berries, fruit and a refreshing ice cream at the market square.

    West of National Road 4, you’ll find the Palokankeskus retail centre with various shops. There are also many companies and shops based in Kirri. In addition to the Palokka comprehensive school, the Jokela and Keski-Palokka schools are also located in the area.

    Lumo has a wide selection of rental apartments in Jyväskylä. If Palokka interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Mannila and in Heinälampi.