• Keinulaudantie 2b, Helsinki

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    You can rent this apartment if your financial assets do not exceed the set limits. Read more ›

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    Rental apartments Keinulaudantie 2b, Helsinki

    The following apartments were found with your search criteria 3 apartments

    1. Keinulaudantie 2b B 38Kontula, Helsinki

      • 832 €/month
      • 2. floor (/6)
      • 1H+KT, 30

      The apartment is vacant

    2. Keinulaudantie 2b B 65Kontula, Helsinki

      • 990 €/month
      • 6. floor (/6)
      • 2H+KT, 45,5

      The apartment is vacant

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    4. Keinulaudantie 2b A 26Kontula, Helsinki

      • 974 €/month
      • 5. floor (/6)
      • 2H+KT, 43,5

      Vacant on 1.5.2021

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    The verdant district of Kontula in eastern Helsinki has everything you need, including schools, day-care centres, playgrounds, grocery stores, health services and a public indoor pool. With plenty of parks and other areas for outdoor recreation, you’ll always be close to nature in Kontula. There is a wide range of Lumo rental apartments in Kontula.

    Services in Kontula

    Over the years, Kontula has seen the arrival of several restaurants, a sports park, a recycling centre and a museum. Kontula Shopping Centre is the largest open shopping centre in Finland, and other attractions in the area include an indoor skate park and Mikaelinkirkko church. Kontula is also home to the popular 3 Friends ice cream factory.

    Lumo rental apartments in Kontula with good transport links

    Kontula has good transport links, with convenient connections by bus and metro to central Helsinki as well as the Itäkeskus shopping centre.

    Built mostly in the 1960s and 70s, Kontula today is a multicultural and vibrant district. In the city’s suburban project surveys, the residents of Kontula have highlighted the district’s strong community spirit, and the residents’ association is one of the most active in Finland.