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  • Vähäntuvantie 6, Helsinki




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    Konala is a green, peaceful, sparsely built residential area located in north-western Helsinki, next to Pitäjänmäki.

    There are several bus lines taking you from your Lumo home in Konala to the centre of Helsinki, which can be reached in 30 minutes. There are fast local train connections from the Pitäjänmäki train station to the centre of Helsinki and shopping centre Sello in Espoo, Leppävaara.

    Rental apartments in Konala are close to services

    The east side of Konala has mainly apartment buildings and workplaces, but the west side has detached houses and terraced houses. Local services include shops, restaurants and a school. Shopping centre Ristikko is located within walking distance from your Lumo home, and the services of the Pitäjänmäki area are nearby. Boulderkeskus in Konala is a bouldering gym, and Savate Club is a good place to practice various martial arts.