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When it comes to internet connections, how fast is fast enough?

How many megabytes are sufficient to run the internet for a single person or a family of four?


Do you have to tell the kids not to start on the Play Station before your remote meeting is over in the next room? Otherwise their online playing would ruin your meeting because the connection might become unstable right away.

Many of us just settle for a bad internet connection because you are used to it, perhaps, and can’t be bothered to find out about different speeds. And you imagine that a slow connection comes at a better price as well.

However, in actual fact, the price differences between different connections are not very big and having an internet connection that suits your needs makes your everyday life much easier. For example, for a mere ten euros, you can upgrade your connection a notch.

But what kind of an internet connection is suitable for which use? Here are some tips from Katri Perälä, Home Broadband Business Director at DNA.

20-100 Mbit/s connection

A slower and cheaper internet connection is fine if you do not use it much. These connection speeds are suitable for a single person or a couple using the internet for purposes that do not require a lot of bandwidth. For example, they can surf the web, use social media, online banking services and email.

100-500 Mbit/s connection

More internet use means that the family uses many different services that require more bandwidth. For video streaming services, such as Netflix and HBO, you need a fast internet connection. Video quality is constantly improving, and that means that the use of streaming services places higher requirements on the internet connection. Today, most computer games and video game console gaming take place online, and video conferences require a lot of bandwidth as well.

For a family, that uses the internet more, a good rule of thumb would be that the speed should be 100 MB per person.

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For such a family, that uses the internet more, a good rule of thumb would be that the speed should be 100 MB per person. For example, in a family of four, where mother and father use streaming services a lot, big sister plays on her video game console constantly, and little brother has a tablet of his own, the internet connection should be 400 MB.

1000 Mbit/s connection

A 1000 MB internet connection is the king of internet connections, the best there is. It is suitable for a family that uses the internet a lot – for example, a couple, both of whom work as videographers or photographers from home and send large files to their clients, and their children play on game consoles and their own computers.

In practice, you can say that the more users there are and the more diverse and demanding the internet use is, the faster a connection you should choose.

In addition to the speed of the internet connection, you should consider what kind of a terminal you should acquire for your home. You can connect either directly, with a cable, or through a WiFi network, with a WiFi router between the connection and the device. If your home has more than three rooms, a WiFi mesh extender is a good choice, as it helps the web to cover every corner of the house. The terminal device should be placed as high up as possible, in a central location in the home.

Lumo cooperates with DNA

In Lumo homes, 50-100 Mbit/s internet connection is included in the rent. This enables agile access to various online services. However, if your usage needs require a faster internet connection, you can purchase additional speed from DNA via the My Lumo service at a special, affordable price for Lumo residents, up to as much as 50 % lower than the standard prices.

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